Lanna Write

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Lanna Write
Spouse Jason
Abilities Cytonics
Groups Phone Company
World Earth (Skyward)
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Defending Elysium
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Lanna Write is an operative of the Phone Company and the wife of its chief operative, Jason Write. She often acts as Jason's support operative and manages the Phone Company's Central Operations. She has red hair.[1]

Jason and Lanna have a working relationship that, while very efficient, is very heavy on teasing each other. She frequently refers to him as, "Old Man," to his consternation. In return he complains quite convincingly whenever she is assigned as his support, despite the fact that he is actually the one who does the assigning. Despite always telling Jason that his outlook on the human race's situation was too idealistic, she always wanted to believe that he was right after all.[1]


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