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Died 80 LD, in battle[1]
Aliases Callsign: Hurl[2]
Profession DDF pilots
Residence Igneous Cavern
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

I’ve almost got him. We’re never going to break any records by being cowards.

—Hurl ignoring orders to retreat shortly before she is shot down[1]

Hudiya, Callsign: Hurl, is a cadet in the DDF flight school. She is a part of Skyward Flight[2] and Spensa's wingmate, prior to her death.[1]

Her callsign, Hurl, comes from a joke Hudiya made during the cadet's first lesson in the starfighter simulators, where most of the cadet's crashed their Pocos instead of flying them.[2] Hurl is from Igneous Cavern.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

A little fear, a little history, those things don’t mean anything. Only what we do means anything.


Hurl has a lean, athletic build, and blonde hair that long enough to wear in a ponytail.[3] She can be rather messy and is not in the habit of making her bed.[4] She is also known to snore quite loudly.[5] Outside of class, Hurl spends a lot of her spare time training, either in the centrifuge, lifting weights, or swimming (of which she is less fond).[4] She is disappointed that she has yet to throw up in the centrifuge.[4]

Hurl is an emotionally open person and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is a confident, eager, and fun-loving.[6] She is rather competitive and often plays games or makes bets with her flightmates.[4] She has a very carefree personality and sees life as a game and a joke.[2] Hurl becomes more solemn following the deaths of Bim and Morningtide, and struggles to find fun in flying.[7][6]

Hurl will make it known if she is upset with someone, and will become hostile and cold towards them.[8][6] As well as this, Hurl will become aggressive and challenge someone trying to assert authority over her if she does not believe they are justified in giving her orders.[3][2] She can be quite blunt and brash with her remarks,[3][2][6] yet she is also self-reflective of her treatment of others and will admit and apologize when she has unfairly treated someone harshly.[4]

Hurl is an impulsive person who does not have qualms with taking risks and does not always acknowledge the seriousness of her situation.[9][10][6] Her impatience and higher tolerance for risk during training and battle has led to several moments where Hurl has been in either simulated[11] or real danger.[1] She thinks highly of her own flying abilities and does not like sitting on the sidelines of a fight.[1] Her stubbornness and overconfidence has led her to actively ignore warnings from her comrades during battle, leading to disastrous results.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

That long swath seemed to indicate that she’d managed to get her ship horizontal at the end, that she’d gotten close to a gliding position. So she’d almost done it. With a blown-off wing and a broken acclivity ring, she’d still almost landed.

—A description of Hurl's piloting abilities[12]

As someone who passed the flight school entrance exam, Hurl is highly knowledgeable about piloting and starfighters.[3] She does not seem to have any prior practical experience in starfighters from before flight school.[2][13] Ultimately she trains to pilot a Poco, perform aerial maneuvers, and use its weaponry. Hurl is aware of flight school traditions prior to starting her training as a cadet and believed the rumor that cadets were expelled if they ejected from their aircraft was to weed out cowards from the DDF.[2]

She is an excellent flier, skilled at using a light-lance, and hunting down Krell during battle, however, her enthusiasm can cross into over-eagerness and recklessness.[11][4] She does not like flying in loops, and keeps trying to name flight moves after herself.[4]

Prior to joining flight school, Hurl was in the student digball team, in the position of carrier.[6] She was highly talented and known as one of the best in the league.[6] She finds flying gives her a similar, though larger, adrenaline rush than sports.[14] Although she enjoyed athletics, she finds that she misses her team more than she misses the game itself.[14]


After passing the entrance exam, Hurl was placed in Skyward Flight under the tutelage of Cobb. Her first day of flight school saw her arriving at the class room with Bim, indicating that they may have known each other prior to the class. She was roomed with the other female members of her flight, with the exception of Spensa, who was denied accommodation.[13]

Like many of the other members of Skyward Flight, Hurl crashed her hologram Poco during their first lesson, however, she was highly entertained by the outcome instead of embarrassed. When the lesson was interrupted by a Krell attack, Hurl, along with the rest of Skyward Flight, were ordered to take to the sky and line up close to the battle to deceive the Krell into thinking there were more pilots ready to join the conflict.[9] She followed Spensa's lead when the other cadet took it upon herself to engage the Krell and help distract them. Neither of the women were overly good at their task and had trouble flying adequately. Despite the danger the cadets had been in, and the near death experience that Jorgen had encountered, Hurl was invigorated by the action instead of discouraged.[13]

Wow! Now that was an explosion. How many points do I get for that performance, Cobb?

—Hurl after crashing into FM during simulation training[10]

Hurl enjoyed the light-lance ring game, and in her eagerness took the course at a higher speed than was necessary. Although she did well on the first round, she crashed on the second. She did not care much that she had lost, instead having just enjoying the game they got to play.[11]

A few days later, Skyward Flight was once again sent into battle against the Krell, this time fighting alongside full pilots. Hurl survived the battle, however, lost two of her other flightmates: Bim and Morningtide.[15]

When Spensa tried to talk to Hurl during IMP training, Hurl quickly extracted herself from the conversation to avoid talking with her fellow cadet. Hurl was paired with Kimmalyn during the training, however, during their run Kimmalyn got caught within the radius of Hurl's IMP causing herself to crash. Later, when the flight was given extra drills, Hurl blamed Spensa, due to the other cadet showing off. When Spensa almost came to blows with Jorgen, Hurl watched on in interest.[6]

Hurl keeps trying to name new moves after herself, but we figure the ‘Hurl maneuver’ really ought to have several loops in it or something.

—Hurl, Kimmalyn, FM, and Spensa creating new flight maneuvers[4]

Later during the IMP training exercise, Hurl ignored Spensa when she tried to compliment Hurl on her flying.[16] When the shipyard began falling, Hurl, Arturo, FM, and Jorgen, ended up cut off from the other members of the flight after they were attacked by Krell. Eventually the members of the flight were able to regroup and joined Riptide Flight as they headed back to base.[17]

After witnessing Spensa bravely follow Nedd into the shipyard to try and help his brothers, Hurl began to warm up to the other cadet. The week after the shipyard crashed, Hurl, Kimmalyn, and FM, devised a plan to sneak Spensa into their dormitory for the evening. While FM and Kimmalyn worked on getting Spensa to their room, Hurl went to the cafeteria and smuggled out extra chocolate cake that could be shared around. When she was caught taking the extra cake by Jorgen, Hurl lied to him, telling him that it was for herself. As the night progressed, Hurl suggested that they come up with flight patterns, showing Spensa her sketchbook in which the female cadets had been brainstorming ideas. When Kimmalyn and FM went to scout the route to the bathroom, Hurl explained to Spensa why she had been acting so coldly. The two cadets talked through the issue of Spensa's father, then formed a pact of bravery.[4]

I’m sorry for how I treated you. It was just a…shock, when I found out. But you’re not him, and I’m not either, regardless of what I feel sometimes.

—Hurl's apology to Spensa for treating her harshly[4]

Several weeks later, during simulation practice, Hurl explained digball to Spensa while they practiced then asked Spensa about what she did before joining the DDF. Hurl was impressed by how Spensa would help provide food for her mother's business, complimenting her and remarking that she found Spensa to be a baddass. After the class, Hurl subtly invited Spensa to join the female Skyward cadets in their room again, however, Spensa declines, not wanting to cause them trouble.[14]

Not long after the end of class, Skyward Flight were called to battle and ordered to take up position near one of the AA guns. While the squad waited, Hurl and Spensa discussed how many Krell they would try and kill and Hurl aired her frustration at being excluded from the main fight. When the cadets were given the green light to join the battle, Hurl and Spensa began chasing down a Krell ship before breaking away to assist Kimmalyn, who had picked up several tails. After helping Kimmalyn escape, Hurl and Spensa chased a Krell ship away from the battle and managed to successfully destroy it. When Kimmalyn called for help once more, the pair split up so that Hurl had time to reignite her ship's shields. Hurl began chasing another Krell, however, picked up several tails of her own. Ignoring the advice given to her by her teammates, Hurl continued after the Krell, despite taking several hits to her shields, and successfully destroyed the enemy ship. To try and escape the two ships still tailing her, Hurl flew upwards to try and get in range of the AA guns so they could shoot down the ships chasing her, losing her shield in the process. Despite Kimmalyn's attempt to destroy Hurl's tails, the Krell successfully hit Hurl's ship, destroying the wing and causing it to plummet towards the ground. Refusing to eject, Hurl tried to land her starfighter, and despite almost succeeding,[12] crashed into the planet's surface.[1]

Return to the stars, sail them well, warrior.

—Part of an elegy, spoken by Jorgen at Hurl's funeral[12]

Scouts that went to investigate the crash site discovered that the acclivity ring of Hurl's starfighter had been destroyed beyond repair and nothing salvageable remained in the wreckage.[18] Spensa, who was later joined by Jorgen, set out to find Hurl's body after discovering that the lack of salvage would mean her flightmate's body would not be recovered for several weeks.[18] The pair found her crashed starfighter quite easily and discovered that Hurl likely died on impact. Spensa retrieved Hurl's pilots pin to take back for her family, then Jorgen and Spensa built a pyre in the wreckage and set it alight.[12] Spensa returned the pin to Cobb to be passed on to Hurl's family.[19]

Following her death, Cobb writes to Hurl's parents to explain how she died. Although the Admiral of the DDF was usually tasked with this duty, Cobb did not trust what Ironsides would say to the grieving parents and decided to take on the responsibility himself.[18]



My mother told stories of your father, you know...‘Don’t you dare sully the name of the Defiant people,’ she’d say to me. ‘Don’t you dare become a Chaser…’ 

—Hurl explaining what had prompted her prejudice against Spensa's family[4]

Although initially friendly, Hurl takes a disliking to Spensa after finding out she is the daughter of Zeen Nightshade, becoming cold and hostile towards her.[8] Spensa, despite being hurt by Hurl's change in attitude, continues to be friendly towards her and tries to positively engage with her flightmate.[6] Hurl's attitude towards Spensa does not begin to change until after the battle at the shipyard, where Hurl witnesses Spensa try and help Nedd save his brothers.[4] Realizing that her fear of cowardice drove her prejudice against Spensa and her family, Hurl attempts to make amends by helping FM and Kimmalyn sneak Spensa into their dorm room.[4] While her two roommates were away, Hurl apologized to Spensa for the way she had treated her and acknowledged that Spensa should not be judged by the actions of her father. Hurl explained that her parents had often used Chaser as an example when warning Hurl about backing down.[4] Spensa accepts Hurl's apology and the pair formed a pact of bravery, agreeing to not back down when difficult situations challenged them.[4]

Not cowards. No backing down. Brave until the end, right Spin? A pact.

—The commitment made between Spensa and Hurl[4]

Following their newfound friendship, Hurl and Spensa become wingmates.[14] The pair make a good team and their new dynamic leads to a noticeable improvement in their flying abilities and cooperation during battle.[14][1] Hurl admires Spensa's tenacity in the face of her treatment by the DDF and becomes a fierce advocate for her wingmate.[14] She is also highly impressed by Spensa's hunting abilities and how she utilized her strengths to support her mother's business.[14]

Hurl's death devastates Spensa. In the days following her wingmate's death, Spensa emotionally withdraws and isolates herself in an attempt to deal with her grief. When put on mandatory leave, Spensa sets out to find Hurl's crashed ship, telling her flightmates she wants to give Hurl a proper pilots burial. Secretly, Spensa hoped that Hurl might have miraculously survived the crash, despite evidence that this was unlikely.[12] However, after finding Hurl's remains within her crashed Poco, Spensa had to face the reality that her wingmate was gone.[12] Spensa had hoped that by providing Hurl with a proper burial it would help provide closure, however, the ceremony performed by Spensa and Jorgen did not lessen her grief.[20] Although Spensa eventually moved past her grief, Hurl's memory stayed with her.[21]

Spensa views Hurl as a hero who died bravely and has a low tolerance for anyone who suggests otherwise.[18] As with after the deaths of Bim and Morningtide, Spensa struggles with guilt while grieving for her friend, and feels conflicted about experiencing positive emotions.[22] She is haunted by the commitment she made with Hurl about refusing to back down, likely because she acknowledges to some extent how this attitude factored into Hurl's death. When faced with the same situation as Hurl, a broken starfighter and an uncontrolled descent, Spensa is reminded of Hurl's words, however, makes the opposite choice - saving her own life over preserving a doomed ship.[23] The memory of Hurl also plays a critical role in convincing Spensa to defend Alta Base, despite her fear of going rogue like her father, from a surprise Krell attack when the base is open and undefended.[24]


I want to go with you. It’s a good idea. Hurl…deserves this.

Jorgen joining Spensa to find Hurl's wreckage[12]

Jorgen accompanies Spensa when she goes to find Hurl's body, believing that Hurl deserves a proper pilots burial.[12] As he did not stay at Alta Base during his time as a cadet, Jorgen did not spend much time with Hurl outside of the classroom.[12] Despite this, he still considers Hurl to be a friend.[22] Jorgen acknowledged that Hurl's reckless nature was why she had died.[12]

Other Relationships[edit]

  • Nedd and Arturo: Hurl often jokes around with Nedd and Arturo.[8] During their free time they plays games such as wall-ball together, with Hurl often beating Nedd.[4]
  • FM: Hurl and FM have a friendly and teasing relationship.[4] During their time rooming together, FM, Kimmalyn, and Hurl would brainstorm new flight maneuvers and note them in Hurl's notebook.[4]
  • Kimmalyn: During their time rooming together, Kimmalyn, FM, and Hurl would brainstorm new flight maneuvers and note them in Hurl's notebook.[4] Kimmalyn feels intense guilt over Hurl's death and blames herself for the tragedy, having been unsuccessful in trying to destroy the Krell that had ultimately shot the other women down.[25]


  • Hurl's characterization serves as a contrast to Spensa, to show a path that Spensa could have taken.[26]
  • Brandon always planned for Hurl to die.[26]


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