Weights and Measures

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Weights and Measures
Type Spacecraft
Owner Superiority
Captain Winzik
Universe Cytoverse
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The Weights and Measures is a Superiority starship used by the Department of Protective Services.


The Weights and Measures is a massive starship, bigger than the Superiority battleships stationed near Detritus. The ship has multiple ports along the sides for launching starfighters. It has knobs that look like gun emplacements, which leads Spensa Nightshade to realize that it is in fact a military ship that the Superiority doesn't want to publicly acknowledge as such.[1]


The Weights and Measures functions as a transport ship that carries pilots of the Delver Resistance Program from the docks at Starsight to the delver maze lightyears away.[1] It is later used as a battleship for the assault Detritus as part of Winzik's coup.[2]


The Weights and Measures has an engine room that contains a cytonic hyperdrive, a command room, ballrooms suitable for hosting parties,[3] restrooms, docks for starfighters, and rooms for passengers to sit while undergoing hyperjumps. It also has its own artificial gravity that engages as soon as a ship enters one of its ports, as well as invisible shields that hold in atmosphere but let fighters through.[1] Its bays have room for several hundred fighters.[4]

The ship has a full complement of guards in multiple species, including diones and varvax.[1] These guards make up a portion of the 50-60 crew members responsible for all the ship's functions.[5] Security on the Weights and Measures is tight: it is equipped with a communications shield that prevents unauthorized external communications,[5] and passengers without sufficient security access must be accompanied by a security drone.[6]


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