Sunreach (station)

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Nation Superiority
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

Sunreach is a space station in the Cytoverse.[1]

The station is a research facility built by the Superiority to observe a mammoth starpod. By the time of Winzik's attack on Detritus, the station was abandoned, though the mammoth starpod remained and its life support systems were still functional.[1][2] The station is outfitted with a hypercomm and conventional radio.[3][1] At least part of the station has concrete flooring, wooden doors, and tube lighting along the ceiling.[2]

After fleeing Winzik's coup on Starsight, Minister Cuna and a few other diones were marooned at Sunreach and came under attack from Superiority forces,[4][2] requiring them to be rescued by Skyward Flight.[1] During the rescue mission, the Superiority forces destroyed the station just as Cuna's party and Skyward Flight hyperjumped back to Platform Prime.[2]


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