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Groups DDF
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Rikolfr (...) hurried along beside her, holding his ever-present clipboard full of things Judy needed to do.

—Admiral Ivans on how Rikolfr keeps her organized[1]

Rikolfr is an officer in the DDF and Admiral Ivans' aide-de-camp. As such, he keeps careful track of everything that she needs to do and helps her prepare to handle various situations.[2][1] After her retirement, he continues to serve the new Admiral of the Fleet, Cobb.[3]


Serving Admiral Ivans[edit]

After the battle for the falling shipyard, Rikolfr remarks that Spensa flies well and brings Ivans a report from her helmet sensors during that battle, which show excessive readings in the Writellum area of her brain. He further reports that, while Dr. Halbeth considers this conclusive proof that Spensa has the "defect," Dr. Iglom feels that one event isn't enough data to form a conclusion, and Dr. Thior, the head of Alta Base's medical staff, is going to be troublesome as she doesn't believe the "defect" is real. He also shows Ivans letters from several prominent party members, including National Assembly Leader Algernon Weight, arguing that Spensa should be made welcome in the DDF as a symbol of "true Defiant redemption." Rikolfr then asks Ivans' for her orders, to which she instructs him to have Dr. Halbeth write a rebuttal to Dr. Thior's explanations and to ask Dr. Iglom to make a strong finding in favor of the defect's existence in general, and in Spensa in particular, as a personal favor for the admiral.[2]

This many assembly leaders? It smells of an ambush, sir. Be prepared.

—Rikolfr to Ivans[1]

After Ivans dismisses Spensa from the DDF, Rikolfr quickly meets up with her to warn her that three National Assembly Leaders have come in person for a briefing on the DDF's status after the latest Krell attack, noting that many assembly leaders being present rather than just sending their normal subordinates is alarming. He also reports that, while the shipyard the scouts spotted prior to the start of the battle was too far for traditional scanners, they were able to send a science ship to investigate and the scientists predict that, if the DDF could recover it, they could gain hundreds of acclivity rings. He notes that the shipyards' guns are predicted to go offline in a couple of days, right around the time it is projected to begin falling into the atmosphere, and that the Krell will likely try to destroy it once that happens. He then follows Ivans into the meeting with the assembly leaders, though he remains mostly quiet and speaks up only to point out that the DDF could end up committing all their ships to claiming the shipyard.[1]

Battle of Alta Second[edit]

During the Battle of Alta Second, Rikolfr is in the DDF command post with Admiral Ivans. At one point during the battle, he informs her that the private ship owners are planning to evacuate rather than assist the DDF, and asks Ivans if she has ever seen a pilot fly as well as Spensa (who is using her cytonic abilities at the time).[4][5]

After Spensa crashes, he brings Ivans new reports and is the only one besides Ivans still watching the battle on the holoprojector; the junior admirals and other staff are all in chaos trying to sound the alarm to the caverns. He reports that the Krell bomber with the lifeburster is less than five minutes away from Alta Base and that all of the emergency gun emplacements are either already down or taking heavy fire. Wheh he asks if they should try to evacuate the command post for a deep cavern, Ivans elects to remain in Alta Base. Although he finds it distressing, he chooses to stay with her.[6]

When Spensa returns in M-Bot, flying at Mag-20, he's shocked by the ship's speed.[6] When the pilots successfully cause the lifeburster to drop before it can get in position to hit Igneous Cavern (although within the "death zone" where Alta Base would be destroyed), Rikolfr weeps, though whether he does so out of joy for Igneous being saved or fear of what he believes is his impending death is unclear.[7] As Ivans' personal aide, he likely attended Spensa's briefing on the information M-Bot hacked from the Krell after the battle was over.[8]

Serving Admiral Cobb[edit]

After Ivans' retirement, he continues to serve as an aid to the Admiral of the Fleet, now Cobb,[3] though they do not appear to be as close as Rikolfr was with Ivans. He calls Cobb over the comm system to alert him to the arrival of an unidentified ship, later revealed to be piloted by Alanik.[9] Later, after Spensa returns from Starsight and realizes Winzik's plan, he helps her get Cobb's attention.[10]


Admiral Ivans[edit]

Rikolfr is Admiral Ivan's aide-de-camp and his relationship with her is professional. He helps her stay organized, and she trusts him enough to bring him to her meetings with National Assembly Leaders.[1] He is extremely dedicated to her and stays by her side even when it seems suicidal.[6]


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