C-137-KJM orbital shipyard

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C-137-KJM orbital shipyard
Type Spacecraft
World Detritus
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward

The C-137-KJM orbital shipyard is an old ship that has been broken into two halves and can be found in the ring of debris that surrounds Detritus. It has previously been used to manufacture starships and has added delver training facilities.[1] The ship is metallic, rectangular,[1] and incredibly large.[1] Spensa believes half the shipyard to be the size of a mountain, however, this may be exaggerated.[1] The bottom of the ship is coated in hundreds of acclivity rings to keep it afloat.[1]

The first half of the shipyard fell partway through Spensa's time as a cadet and Skyward Flight was sent on a routine training exercise where they were to tag smaller chunks of debris as it fell from the atmosphere. During the exercise, however, one half of the orbital shipyard began to fall. During the battle with the Krell, Nedd's two brothers, Nightstorm pilots Vent and seven, are killed.[1]

The second half the shipyard fell during the Second Battle of Alta. The DDF, desperate to retrieve the acclivity rings, sent all pilots after the shipyard, believing that the Krell would try and destroy it. Instead, the Krell used the shipyard as a ploy and tried to attack Alta Base and destroy it with a lifebuster.


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