Flowers of Night's Last Kiss Flight

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Flowers of Night's Last Kiss Flight
Leader Vapor
Headquarters Starsight
Type Starfighter flight
World Starsight
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Flowers of Night's Last Kiss is the name Hesho gives to Spensa's flight on Starsight after he and Spensa agree that Flight Fifteen, the name assigned to them by the Superiority command, is too boring. Although the most of the members of the flight pick callsigns, in the end they don't actually use them and instead just go with their actual names.[1]


Flowers of Night's Last Kiss Members
Pilot Callsign Starfighter Type Postion Notes
Vapor The Wind That Mingles
with a Man's Dying Breath
Sniper Flightleader
Spensa Nightshade Spring Interceptor Assistant flightleader Pretending to be Alanik
Morriumur Complains Interceptor
Hesho and kitsen crew None Battleship Kauri takes command after Hesho's death
Brade None Interceptor


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