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Abilities Cognitive Shadow, Shardbearer (formerly)
Titles Herald of the Almighty, Patron of the Elsecallers
Aliases Battah, Dova
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Sweet wisdom of Battar.

—A Rosharan saying[1]

Battar is one of the ten Heralds of the Almighty on Roshar. She is the patron of the Order of Elsecallers. Taravangian believes that she currently resides in Kharbranth as an ardent under the assumed name of Dova.[2][3]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Battar's glyph

Battar is a Cognitive Shadow who gains a physical body upon each return to Roshar. She does not age; so long as she isn't violently killed, she could theoretically live forever.[4] After death, she either travels or is transported to Braize, which she can return from, though at the cost of kickstarting a Desolation.[5]

During the Heraldic Epochs, she wielded an Honorblade. It granted her access to Surgebinding -- more specifically, the Surges of Transformation, which enables her to Soulcast, and Transportation, which allows for travel to and from Shadesmar.[6] She has, however, abandoned it at the Aharietiam;[7] what other abilities beyond longevity she now has in uncertain.

She seems to be fairly knowledgeable, being ascribed the attribute of Wise, and noticing signs of an upcoming Desolation years before the Battle of Narak.[8][3]


Battar was born on Ashyn, and, like many people, escaped to Roshar when her homeworld was destroyed in a Surge-induced catastrophe.[9] She was a figure of some importance during that time, and when the Desolations came and it became clear that the Fused would keep coming, she was made a Herald by Honor. From then on out, she would participate in each of the wars, and between them, she would travel to Braize, when she'd be captured and tortured by the Voidbringers, in a bid to get at least one Herald to return and, with it, kick off a new Desolation.[5]

Eventually, she and the other Heralds grew exhausted with this endless cycle of war and torture. When Ishar suggested that one person might be enough to hold the Oathpact, she and the others abandoned Taln to his fate, leaving their Honorblades behind. From then on out, they hid among the human populace.[7] Most of her actions in the intervening four and a half millennia are unknown.

Note: the following section assumes that Battar is Dova, which Taravangian claims, but which isn't confirmed by more reliable sources.

As Dova, she supposedly approached Taravangian and warned him of a coming Desolation, which prompted him to seek out Szeth after King Gavilar's assassination.[3] She has since been assisting the Diagram. Sometime prior to Taravangian's seizing of the throne of Jah Keved, she reported that the frequency of Death Rattles had been declining further, hinting at Moelach's movement.[2] She was later assigned with writing an anonymous essay revealing Dalinar and Elhokar's decision to make the former a highking, to undermine Dalinar's authority along with the revelations presented in the translated Eila Stele.[10]


Battah send that girl some sense to go with her intelligence.

Battar has been worshipped since the Silver Kingdoms Epoch, with people swearing by her name even in-between the Desolations.[1] In the modern Vorin tradition, she's known as Battah'Elin, and is associated with the number 7 (Betab), the Essence of Tallow, the gemstone Zircon, and the attributes Wise and Careful.[8]

Like all other Heralds, she has temples to herself in all major cities.[12][13] The temple of Battah in Thaylen is particularly notable -- it is the oldest in the city, and a must-see location for every arriving dignitary.[14]



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