Southern Depths

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Southern Depths
Map SouthernDepths.png
Type Ocean
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

The Southern Depths is the ocean to the south of Roshar.[1] It lies off the coast of Tukar, Marat, and Thaylenah. It is presumably quite deep. It also likely extends to the south pole of the planet.[1] Control of Thaylenah's waters dictates control of the entirety of the Southern Depth,[2] however, true dominance of the region requires control of Emul and Tukar as well.[3]

In 1173, Shallan Davar and Jasnah Kholin traveled through the Southern Depths on the Wind's Pleasure on their way to the Shattered Plains.[4]

The strategic importance of Thaylenah led to the Voidbringer forces attacking Thaylen City near the beginning of the True Desolation.[5][2] A Thaylen merchant ship tried to scout for Voidbringers in the Southern Depths near Marat and spotted a large number of ships at dock along the coast. The ship relayed the information via spanreed. Then, figures with glowing eyes--the Fused--rose from a nearby city, attacking the ship, and the ship was never heard from again.[6] Shortly thereafter, the Voidbringer forces launched from Marat to Thaylen City, using the Everstorm to propel them quickly across the Southern Depths, triggering the Battle of Thaylen Fields.[7]

The Urithiru coalition gained control of the Southern Depths several months after the Battle at Thaylen Field, after the Thaylen navy won the area and forced the enemy ships to retreat to the coast of Iri.[8]


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