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Locator Desh.png
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Desh is a kingdom in southwestern Roshar during the Era of Solitude[1] and a member state of the Azish empire.[2]


Desh is a small nation that is situated at the foot of a mountainous area in western Roshar. It borders Azir to the east and Yezier to the south. Shinovar lies to the west and Babatharnam to the north, but they are separated by the mountains.[1] During the Silver Kingdoms era, Desh was a part of Makabakam.[3]

Politics and Culture[edit]

As a member of the Azish empire, Desh formally recognizes the Prime Aqasix as its emperor.[2] In practice, the member states of the empire are generally self-governing, although they follow Azir's lead in international matters and maintain deference to the emperor through certain cultural customs.[4][5]

People from Desh were common visitors to the Tashikki city of Yeddaw.[6] Lift characterizes their clothing as "rural" in appearance with lighter colors, similar to clothing worn in Alm.[6] Many of Desh's inhabitants are nomads, who travel between various waystops. Such waystops are typically marked by stone obelisks.[7]


Lift visited Desh in her past and enjoyed it, as few people had tried to kill her during her time there.[6]

One of Desh's ambassadors was in Azimir when Noura told Dalinar that the Makabak empire would join his coalition against Odium.[2]


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