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Locator Babatharnam.png
Ethnicity Babath
Capital Panatham
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Babatharnam is a kingdom in western Roshar.[1] Its capital is Panatham, and people from Babatharnam are called Babath. Babath women have patterns of veins that sit shallowly beneath their skin, which some non-natives find unnerving.[2]


In the Silver Kingdoms era, Babatharnam was a part of Sela Tales.[3] Babatharnam borders the Purelake, Yulay, Marabethia, and Rira.[1]

Politics and Culture[edit]

In Babatharnam, the older one is, the more authority one has.[2] Everyone has an opportunity to rule, if they live long enough. Anyone can become the Most Ancient--the Babath king.

However, in practicality, during the present day, Babatharnam is ruled by the Monavakah Dynasty, which executes or exiles any person old enough to challenge them.[2] This has ensured that the Monavakahs have remained in power for fifty years. Sigzil has visited Babatharnam, and recalled that the nation has a great deal of unrest from the Monavakah Dynasty's assassinations.

The Babath are very particular to how one speaks and can be offended easily. Sigzil has managed to be imprisoned three times in Babatharnam, though he suspects the Babath use any excuse to imprison a foreigner, as his master had a good deal of money.[2]


Babatharnam has peculiar trees which, when a highstorm approaches, completely lay down, trunk and all, as if the tree was on a hinge.[2] The Babath are human-aimian hybrids.[4]


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