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Era Heraldic Epochs
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Every pasture needs three things. Flocks to grow, herdsmen to tend, and watchers at the rim. We of Alethela are those watchers--the warriors who protect and fight. We maintain the terrible arts of killing, then pass them on to others when the Desolation comes.

— An unnamed female Radiant[1]

Alethela is one of the Silver Kingdoms on Roshar.[2] As one of the Silver Kingdoms, its name is perfectly symmetrical, due to the Vorin belief in holiness of symmetry.[3] It is now known as Alethkar. Alethela's borders included the present-day countries of Herdaz, Jah Keved, Alethkar and the Unclaimed Hills.


Alethela is located in eastern Roshar. It is bordered by Rishir to its north, Valhav to its west, Thalath to the southwest, Natanatan to the south, and ocean to the east.[2]


When Urithiru was built, many people wanted it to be built in Alethela, but there was some unknown reason obvious to the people of the day why it couldn't happen.[4]

By the time of the Era of Solitude, it had become the kingdom of Alethkar.[1] During this transition, Alethela lost territory in the west to Jah Keved, but gained some in the north from Rishir, and in the southeast from Natanatan.[2][5] Territory was also lost in the northeast, known in the Era of Solitude as the Unclaimed Hills.


One kingdom to study the arts of war so that the others might have peace. We die so that you may live. It has ever been our place.

—An unknown female Radiant[1]

Although the orders of Knights Radiant were centered in Urithiru, Alethela was their home, and Radiants lived in cities throughout the nation, crossing borders to fight.[1] The Order of Windrunners was particularly prominent there.[6] Alethela was considered to be dedicated to the arts of war so that no other kingdom had to do so. They consider it their duty to protect all the other nations. People went to Alethela if they could fight or wanted to be trained. Those who had fought the Ten Deaths could go to Alethela and be trained so that the changes wrought in them by fighting the Ten Deaths would not destroy them.[1]

Dawnchant was the written language they used.[7] By the time of the Recreance, the Radiants spoke a language known as Alethelan.[8]


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