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Abilities Skybreaker, Shardbearer
Titles Master Skybreaker
Groups Knights Radiant (Skybreakers)
Nationality Azish
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Warren is an Azish master Skybreaker wearing the garb of a Marabethian lawkeeper, with his chest bare and a patterned short cloak . He is formally referred to as Master Warren. He announced the start and end of the pole fight test in the Purelake.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As a master Skybreaker, Warren has access to the Surges of Gravitation and Division. This allows him the ability to make use of the Basic and Reverse Lashings, as well as the ability to degrade objects.[1] He also has the ability to take in Stormlight, allowing him to recover from all but the most severe of injuries.


This is a test of martial competence. We must train to fight, if the Desolation truly has begun.

—Warren leading a group of Skybreaker squires in a test[2]

Warren, along with Ki, traveled from the Skybreaker fortress with Szeth and twenty other Skybreaker squires to a testing ground on the Purelake. He announced a test of martial competence where the Skybreaker hopefuls, using their Lashings, had to fight by throwing colored bags of powder at each other within a contest area marked by wooden poles. He explained that no other weapons were allowed and the winner would be the squire with the cleanest uniform at the end of the test. When the sun had gone down he shouted an end to the test. Szeth showed great skill with his Lashings and ultimately won the test by exploiting a loophole--washing his uniform prior to the end. Warren and Ki concluded that he was beyond the skill of the other squires. Warren told Szeth he should have his own spren soon.[3]

Warren accompanied Nale, Szeth, and most of the other Skybreakers on their journey to Marat, flying southward for three days. Upon their arrival in Marat, he landed and conferred briefly with Nale and the other masters before flying to a nearby town with all the Skybreakers except for Szeth and Nale.[4]


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