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Greetings! Jofwu here.


You can find me on the 17th Shard (Jofwu), but I'm most active on Reddit (/u/jofwu), where I'm a moderator for /r/Cosmere, /r/Stormlight_Archive, /r/Mistborn, /r/Elantris, and /r/BrandonSanderson.

Current Work[edit]


Shallan's History[edit]

/Shallan Davar

White Sand[edit]

Right now I'm mainly working with thegatorgirl00 to get White Sand articles updated. Let me know if you have any input. I've typed out an electronic copy of the full text of the graphic novel; I'm glad to assist if you need help searching for something.

Notes: /White Sand


Lastly, I plan to work through all of the templates to clean up their documentation.

Notes: /templates

Reference: Category:Templates

Former Work[edit]

User Guide (Help Pages)[edit]

I worked on the help pages (primarily those listed under "New Editor's Guide") located here: Help:Contents. Please let me know if you think of any additional content would be good to include in these pages.


Dark One
Glyphs and Glyphward
Updated these in preparation for Oathbringer

My Pages[edit]

Personal references: /references

All Pages:

Theory Stuff[edit]

Theory Index: /Theories