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Related to Trelagism
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
She looked down at the small spike in her hands, and heard a name from a year ago, spoken by Miles Hundredlives as he died. The name of a god from the old days... Who, or what, was Trell?
—Marasi begins researching Trell in earnest[1]

Trell is a mysterious entity in opposition of Harmony on Scadrial. Trell is also the name of the deity worshiped by followers of Trelagism and Trellism, though it is unclear to what extent this figure is related to the




Theories & Speculation[edit]


Followers of Trellism appear to trace the religion's roots to Trelagism as it is described in the Words of Founding.[2] The extent to which these religions are related is unclear,[3] as the two religions share no apparent similarities beyond the name of their god. Adherents believe in a deity named named Trell, who they consider to be their creator in some capacity.[2][4] At least some among them appear to believe in an apocalyptic prophecy which claims that "men of gold and red, bearers of the final metal" will arrive and rule over the people of Elendel, and perhaps all of Scadrial.[5]

Miles Dagouter encouraged people to actively worship Trell, though the details on how Trell is worshiped are unknown.[5] Miles believed that Trell created him "to see wrongs righted" and that the religion's teachings proved he was "special" in some way.[2] It is unclear to what extent Miles' beliefs concerning social justice are held in common among other members of the religion. It is likely that some kernel of these ideas is pervasive in Trellism, given some relations to the philosophies of Paalm[6] and Edwarn Ladrian.[7]


Despite the religion's mention in the Words of Founding, the it is relatively unknown among the general population of northern Scadrial.[8] Marasi Colms had a difficult time researching the religion, with few people willing to speak openly about their knowledge.[9] Several members of the Set, in both high and low positions, are followers of Trellism, and the organization itself may exist for the purpose of serving Trell.[10][9] Presumed followers of Trellism have been seen both swearing by[11] and giving thanks to[10] Trell.

Red-eyed Faceless Immortals appear to work on behalf of Trell, and have been known to visit followers of Trell on occasion.[9] Paalm also appears to be an agent of Trell,[1] though these kandra do not show any signs of being adhrents of Trellism.


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