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Abilities Worldhopper[1]
Bonded With Unknown Aviar
Aliases Gobby[2]
Groups Ghostbloods
Nationality Thaylen[3]
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Morality is as ephemeral as the changing weather.


Mraize is a member of the Ghostbloods on Roshar. He is a Rosharan born[5] worldhopper[1] and might be in possession of Tears of Edgli, among other artifacts. His name is unknown, as the term "Mraize" is a title, not a name. He corrects Shallan when she attempts to call him 'Brightlord.' Shallan mentions that the title is not Vorin in origin, and difficult to pronounce. As he also refers to Iyatil as his babsk, a Thaylen title, it is evidenced that he is from Thaylenah.[6][3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The truth destroys more people than it saves.

—Mraize to Shallan[7]

Mraize is a tall man with jet black hair and light violet eyes.[8] His face and hands are both covered in scars, including one which crosses his cheek vertically and deforms his upper lip. He is almost always sharply dressed in fine suits, wearing white the first time Shallan Davar meets him. He wears a golden signet ring on his middle finger with the three-diamond symbol of the Ghostbloods.

When disguised as Gobby, Mraize wears a black and gold guard's uniform from the Sebarial princedom. As Gobby, he has a cordial relationship with Jushu, Eylita, and Balat.[2]

Mraize has a refined air which seems to conflict with his scarred appearance. He usually speaks quietly and calmly, but boldly, with an accent Shallan cannot recognize.[8] Despite his cultured manner, he is not always serious, growing warm and friendly when Shallan has impressed him. Something about him reminds Shallan of Hoid when she first sees him, though she quickly denies any resemblance when he turns toward her.[6] He never seems to be upset or surprised by bad news.[9]

He seems to be a hunter, possessing trophies from several notable animals in Roshar on display in his hideout, including a whitespine tusk, a Santhid skull and gemhearts from greatshells. He also speaks with disdain of Tyn's supposed fear of meeting with him, stating that the apparent cowardice shows she is acting like "prey", and refers to Amaram as his current prey.[6] Shallan sees him as a hunter, not waiting for opportunities, but going out and finding them.[10]

Despite his occasional likeable air, he has no problem with killing, or even letting his allies attempt to kill someone he is interested in, as he gives the other Ghostbloods permission to attempt to assassinate Shallan before she becomes a full member. He mentions he likes to learn the local weapons of cultures he wants to understand. He makes use of a blowgun with poisoned darts which is apparently a Parshendi hunting weapon.[11] He also speaks of torturing Shallan for information as "fun."[6]

He refers to the Parshendi as the Listeners, one of few in the warcamps to do so.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Mraize is a worldhopper. His power resides in his knowledge and possessions. Among his possessions he has a "green chicken" which is known to be an Aviar.[12] He has a seon from Sel.[13] He also has white sand from Taldain,[14] a Yolish branch with weird scripts,[15] a silver knife, and an aether he cannot use.[16][17][14] He is also believed to have Tears of Edgli.[6] Many of these possessions and knowledge were gained outside of Roshar.[1][12][13][14][15][18]

His Aviar has a large hooked beak and bright green feathers. It is trained to return to him with a whistle. It is carnivorous.[19] Its chirps sound like words. It appears to dislike the cold.[2] The Aviar sits on Mraize's shoulder. It appears intelligent.[8]

Mraize also seems to have an uncanny ability to sense the presence of others.[2] Whether this is due to his having enough Breath to have reached the Fourth Heightening or to some other, more mundane means is unclear.

His knowledge gives him the capacity to blackmail, persuade and manipulate, which is what makes him, as a high-ranking member of the Ghostbloods, so dangerous.

Mraize always watches doors. He seems to be able to sense when someone approaches. He is not as great at assuming a character as Shallan.[2]

As a member of the Ghostbloods, Mraize is seeking a way to get Investiture off-world through Shadesmar. They hunt the Sons of Honor as they fear they are close to discovering the secret of making this possible. They are not interested in seeing Odium rule Roshar.[2]


Early Life[edit]

Mraize was born on Roshar in an unknown year in Thaylenah.[5][18][3]

At some point, he became a member of the Ghostbloods, and has been to various different planets,[18][1] and has collected trophies where he went.[6] One of these is known to be an Aether.[16][17][20] He also at some point bonded with an Aviar.[4][12]

The Shattered Plains[edit]

Mraize, as a member of the Ghostbloods, reported to Iyatil, who reported to Master Thaidakar.[10] He was confirmed to be behind the assassination attempt on Jasnah Kholin that took place on the Wind's Pleasure. He had sent a hunter, Tyn, to execute the task. When he sent a spanreed message to Tyn, Shallan, who had killed her, intercepted it and decided to go meet him herself, disguised as Veil. When they met, Shallan kept the pretense of Tyn being alive and managed to get Mraize to trust her with a task. She was to break into Amaram's manor and find the secrets he kept and report them back. Shallan agreed and manages to escape without being followed.[6]

After that, he was also confirmed to have surveilled the site to supervise the task. He was pleased when he saw Veil again; he initially thought she had not completed her task, but she delivered maps and some texts from Amaram. He was also amazed with her drawing skills and deduced that she had killed Tyn. Mraize offered her the opportunity to be part of the organization, but explicitly said that she was not in yet, and that killing people within the organization was not encouraged at all. On her way out, she decided not to take the coach and hid; she later found that they had killed her coachman during a failed attempt on her life.[11]

The second task Mraize asked of Veil (Shallan) was to get information from a madman inside Dalinar’s warcamp, as well as confirm his allegiance. He was aware that Gavilar had learned some information of an extraordinary nature. After Shallan managed to complete her task and deliver information on the madman, who was later revealed to be the Herald Talenel, Mraize accepted her into the Ghostbloods. He also said that “the truth destroys more people than it saves”.[7]

Mraize with his Aviar


During the Battle of Narak, Mraize discovered Shallan's true identity. He confronted her days later in Urithiru, stating his belief that she was "herself" when she was Veil. He explained that he had her brothers in custody and would deliver them as reward for her services, but wanted to continue working with her. He revealed deep knowledge of the Davar family and confirmed that they owed him a Soulcaster.[21]

Shortly after, he found a position in the inner circle of Ialai Sadeas to keep a close eye on her as she had interests of her own, without allegiances to other humans or listeners.[4] He was seen wearing a Sadeas uniform,[4] and was likely the scarred guardsman that carried Ialai's chair to the first meeting of the Kholin coalition, defying Navani's order that the participants should carry their own chairs.[22]

Though his whereabouts and end goals were often unclear, he continued to request more tasks of Shallan. The first was to secure Urithiru and to hunt the source of darkness and expunge it.[4] Mraize promised information on Helaran in exchange for the first task,[4] and later complied. He let her know that Helaran was a Skybreaker acolyte who probably went to kill Amaram on their behalf.[23] On the day of Shallan's wedding, he sent her brothers to her with a note, stating that they were her wedding gift, and that he was giving her an additional reward for completing her task in Urithiru; he reduced her family's debt owed from the destruction of the Soulcaster. The note also explained Shallan's next task: to find the Unmade who seemed willing to break from Odium and persuade her to join the Ghostbloods.[24]

He also plotted a trap for the Herald Shalash by attracting her with the masterpiece of the Oilsworn. When she came to destroy it, he let her know the location of Talenel.[25]

Pursuit of the Sons of Honor[edit]

Mraize and the Ghostbloods hunted and killed the Sons of Honor, including Thanadal and Vamah.[26] Mraize infiltrated Ialai Sadeas's camp as Gobby.[2] Ialai is assassinated by Shallan, though she does not claim it as a member of the Ghostbloods, she believed it was for the good of Alethkar.[26] Mraize believed at this point that the Sons of Honor were defunct.[2]

A part that can be that strong. Let that side of you do what needs to be done. Save your husband, your kingdom, and your world all at once. Become that hunter, Shallan. Become the knife.

—Mraize to Shallan[27]

Shallan brokered a deal with Sja-anat to have Sja-anat's child, Tumi, meet with Mraize. Mraize believed the deal including bonding Tumi to a Ghostblood. Mraize expressed interest in bringing Sja-anat to their side, looking to take advantage of her ancient knowledge.[28]

Mraize met with Shallan at Urithiru as Gobby. He asked her to hunt Restares, leader of the Sons of Honor, in Lasting Integrity. In return, he offered to tell her everything, and allow her to ask any question. He also offered her the choice to leave the Ghostbloods, and promised he and his babsk (Iyatil) would not hunt her and would discourage other Ghostbloods from doing so. Mraize informs Shallan that he has a spy close to her, a practice he experienced with Iyatil.[2] To aid in this mission, he gives her a rare communication cube containing seon Ala, allowing them to communicate across realms.[13]

While Shallan travelled to Lasting Integrity, she worked to identify Mraize's spy, planting misinformation amongst her Unseen Court.[29] Mraize mistakenly confirms the misinformation from Beryl, though it is later discovered that he obtained this while spying on communications between Pattern and Wit.[9]

During this time, Mraize hunted and killed Gereh within Urithiru. Lift tried to interfere and ended up getting captured in a Ralkalest cage.[30][31] Lift is then given as a gift to Raboniel as part of a request for the Fused to negotiate with his master for the right to utilize the Oathgates. Mraize also gave her a large pouch, whose contents caused her to lose her rhythms.[8]

Killing Sadeas saved thousands of lives. Delivering Kelek to us, sending the honorspren to bond Windrunners, could save millions.

—Mraize to Shallan[27]

In Lasting Integrity, Shallan sought out Restares, confirming with Mraize for any suspicious humans, and he ruled them out one by one.[32] Shallan was upset Mraize withheld information, when she discovered Restares was actually the Herald Kelek.[27] Mraize had hidden a raysium dagger within the communication cube. Mraize asked Shallan to collect Kelek's soul, and in return, she'd become a full member of the Ghostbloods. He argued that the Heralds abandoned the Oathpact and even though they knew the Fused were back, they either hid or helped hasten the desolation. This would also give Shallan the opportunity to impersonate Kelek to save Adolin from the honorspren's judgment.[27]

Shallan decided not to kill Kelek and informed Mraize that she was quitting the Ghostbloods. With Kelek's help, Shallan freed Ala, who acted like an abused child from her time with Mraize. Kelek believed deadeye spren did not exist before the Recreance, and this was why Mraize hunted him. Shallan told him to leave Urithiru and that she'd hunt the gemstone containing Ba-Ado-Mishram. She also passed on a message from Hoid for Thaidakar. Mraize warned her that she'd made an enemy of the most powerful organization in the cosmere.[13] He would later pass on Hoid's message to Thaidakar.[33]


Shallan Davar[edit]

Mraize is Shallan's direct superior within the Ghostbloods, and he gives her most of her missions for that organization. However, Shallan saw him as an enemy who she needs to work against, and that she only does as he asks in order to discover more about him. Mraize originally knew her by the codename "Veil," and saw her as a valuable and competent asset with many skills. He often calls her "little knife" when speaking with her. By the time the Alethi are starting to occupy Urithiru after its rediscovery, he had discovered her true identity, but simply believed this made her more valuable.

After failing to kill Restares, Shallan left the Ghostbloods, making her an enemy of Mraize.[32]


At first glance, Iyatil seems to be one of Mraize's lackeys, and a fellow Ghostbloods member, or perhaps his second-in-command. She is the one who follows Shallan while Mraize is investigating her, and presumably reports back to him. However, with Shallan, Iyatil mentions that he is her student, not her master, making her a viable candidate for his babsk.[34][1]


Mraize speaks of Restares as an enemy of the Ghostbloods. Mraize sent Shallan to assassinate Restares. He believes Restares had information that would benefit Thaidakar.[27]


Mraize refers to him as Master Thaidakar, and sends the information Shallan manages to get from Amaram to him.[11]


While Mraize and Taravangian do not interact, Adrotagia, one of Taravangian's companions, makes a note on the Diagram wondering if a section of it refers to Mraize. Mraize seems to be speaking of Taravangian when he says "I'm not worried about that one. The old fool sows chaos, but does not reach for the power offered by opportunity. He hides in his insignificant city, listening to its songs, thinking he plays in world events. He has no idea. His is not the position of the hunter."[11]


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