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Jushu Davar

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Jushu Davar
by botanicaxu
House Davar
Parents Lin Davar, mother
Siblings Helaran, Balat, Wikim, Shallan
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Asha Jushu Davar is a lighteyed Veden on Roshar. Fourth son of Brightness Davar and Lin Davar.[1][2] His siblings include Helaran, Balat, his older twin Wikim, and Shallan.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Jushu Davar is the younger twin and fourth son of the Davar family. He grew plum during his periods of excess and though he lost weight afterwards, he continued to have the same complexion. [3][4] Jushu has sunken eyes and the scars on his wrists [5] Jushu likes gambling. Years of suffering their father’s brutal temper had driven him to vice. [1] His gambling activities sent him to excess in drinking and debt.

He liked swords and wishes he could duel. [3]


Van Jushu, was the youngest of the brothers, just older than Shallan. He was raised to Asha Jushu when his father declared Helaran disinherited. [3] As consequence of his gambling he arrived at his house drunk and in a very bad shape. This included dinners this father hosted with other lighteyes. [6]

He was supposed to check over the Davar lands. However his vice and debt went out of control. The culprit of this came when three men went to his father asking to pay the debt on his behalf and receiving a negative. The men, upset took him and beat him. Shallan convinced both Balat and Wikim to give her their knives and along with her necklace went to buy him back. Though she only accounted for half his debt (20 emerald bromes per knife and ten for the necklace), her cleverness and compassion towards her brother was rewarded with his release and her necklace.[7] After that event, Jushu went back to his gambling, though he was smarter about it. Shallan still considered him “a mess”. [7]

Jushu was the only sibling who seems to question the origin of their fortune and the luck on the wealth found on their lands. [5]

He was with Balat on the day he planned to run away with Eylita. Along with Wikim, he stayed at the door of the feast hall while Father and Balat argued. They ran in when his father went to the floor paralyzed thinking he was dead. He found the soulcaster after looking into his pockets and considered his father was doing blasphemy. He just stepped back when they found he was still alive and left Shallan to finished the job. [5]

After his father death, and while Shallan tried to steal Jasnah's Soulcaster, Jushu helped Balat with by selling their possessions and bringing the money back home. His old habbit of gambling helped him “mask” the reason behind the selling. [8]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Jushu likes gambling. Although we don’t know if he is good, we know his vice costs him to be in debt. [9] He doesn’t seem to have much proficiency at anything else; we know he likes duels, but we are unsure on his capabilities.



Jushu resented Shallan for not being mistreated by their father. [10] She cares for him and believes he is a good man that could not be blamed for his actions. [10] To try to get him off his gambling, she made a list of the day’s duels hoping he’ll want to come watch them. [3]

Lin Davar[edit]

Jushu's father, just as he did to his other sons, screamed and mistreated him. Jushu did believe his father killed his mother.[6] Jushu feels unloved and resents not being important to his father believing he only cared for Helaran. [6] His father considered him worthless, but would use him as needed.[11]


He loved Helaran, and none of us are him, so we don’t matter. Helaran is never here! He betrayed Father, almost killed him. And still, he’s the only one who matters. . . .

— Jushu to Shallan on his father having only curses for him. [6]


  • He shared some resemblance to his twin Wikim, but they would not be mistaken from one another. [3]


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