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Aliases Adro
Profession Scholar
Groups Diagram
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Kharbranthian
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Yes, I see this interpretation of the headboard—we must push the Blackthorn so hard that he collapses. But we’ll need secrets to use against him.

— Adrotagia, regarding Taravangian's new plan against Dalinar[1]

Adrotagia is the head of King Taravangian's scribes and scholars on Roshar. She is a member of the Diagram.[2]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Adrotagia is an old Kharbranthian woman.[2] In terms of physical appearance she has been described as having green eyes and exhibiting various aging-related conditions such as liver spots, large eye bags, and wispy, silvery hair.[3][4]

Despite Adrotagia's age, she is still keen-minded enough to handle her various scholarly duties, including doing research to help interpret and decipher the puzzles of the Diagram.[5][6] As one Taravangian's most trusted advisors, she is one of the few people who knows of the king's fluctuating intelligence and even attempts to measure it, plotting a graph proving his random level of intelligence follows a normal distribution curve.[2]

Adrotagia also presumably helps with interpreting the Death Rattles, which were used to augment the Diagram.[2] She keeps in contact with Joshor and Dova, who collect these Death Rattles. Adrotagia also keeps track of the various Unmade on Roshar like Moelach (for the Death Rattles) and Nergaoul.[4][2]

As a scholar who is also an unbeliever, Adrotagia disapproves of people relying on faith rather than evidence.[7] She still somehow retains the Vorin practice of burning glyphwards, which she does each morning for her deceased husband.[2]

She shows ruthlessness in seeing the goals of the Diagram achieved even when they involve murder, showing little regard for Taravangian's pangs of conscience whenever he was having a day of low intelligence but high compassion.[2] Despite this, Adrotagia still follows some sort of moral compass. She even once objected to the idea of killing innocent children, calling Taravangian a monster for ordering so during one of his extremely intelligent but conceited days.[1]


Early Life[edit]

Adrotagia grew up as a close personal friend of Taravangian,[2] presumably in Kharbranth. She refers to the king by his boyhood nickname of Vargo and he calls her Adro, even as adults. At some point, Adrotagia was married but was later widowed. Taravangian's childhood friend became the head of his scholars and scribes, as well as an important collaborator in implementing the plans he laid out in the Diagram.[5][6]

Jah Keved[edit]

Along with Mrall, she accompanied Taravangian to Jah Keved in the wake of that country's civil war.[2] The three of them went among the Veden soldiers, comforting them. There, Szeth confronted Taravangian about the Surgebinding he had seen Kaladin perform in the Alethi warcamps. Taravangian found it unfortunate that the assassin had seen Adrotagia, as he did not want Szeth to be aware of her in case he turned against his master.

After the assassin was sent back to his mission, Adrotagia accompanied Taravangian to speak with King Valam in his final moments. There, Taravangian would gain Jah Keved as his second kingdom.[2]

Dalinar's Coalition[edit]

Adrotagia and other Diagram members went with Taravangian to Urithiru when the king decided to join the Bondsmith Dalinar's coalition against the Voidbringers.[3] There, she attended both the meetings of coalition scholars and (as Taravangian's head scribe) the meetings of coalition monarchs[8][9].

All the while, behind their backs, she and the rest of the Diagram members were conspiring to have Dalinar replaced by Taravangian as the leader of the coalition.[1][4][10] They failed to achieve this goal, and Taravangian confessed part of their plans to Dalinar shortly after the Bondsmith emerged victorious in the Battle of Thaylen Field despite the Diagram's betrayal.[11]


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