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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Babsk (plural babsk[1]) is a term for a teacher or master in Thaylenah. Legally, a babsk is father to their apprentices as long as the apprenticeship lasts. Their apprentices follow them around, assisting them with their trade, and learning from them. Vstim, Rysn's babsk, is kind to her and wants to teach her how to be a good merchant, but not all babsk are, and it is unknown whether this is a common behavior.[1]

Definition[edit] tradition, he was more than just her master. He was her father, legally, until he pronounced her ready to become a merchant on her own.
— Rysn discussing her babsk[1]

Known Babsks[edit]

  • Vstim is Rysn's babsk and takes her to places all around the world, such as Shinovar and the Reshi Isles, in order for her to learn to trade.[1]
  • Vstim is also Talik's babsk before he is Rysn's; Talik attains the title of trademaster with him before moving to the Reshi Isles.[2]
  • Mraize has a babsk[3] and Iyatil refers to him as her student[4], so she may be his babsk.


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