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Wind's Pleasure

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The Wind's Pleasure
Type Ship
Captain Tozbek
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Wind's Pleasure is a ship on Roshar captained by Tozbek.[1]

It is a narrow, single-masted cargo vessel with an 8-person crew and at least 2 cabins. The captain's cabin has a faulty latch on the door.[2]


Chartered by Shallan[edit]

The Wind's Pleasure was originally chartered by Shallan Davar to take her to Dumadari to meet Jasnah Kholin.[2] Captain Tozbek notes that he is indebted to House Davar and is happy to have her on board.[3] Upon finding that Jasnah was no longer in Dumadari, Shallan asked Tozbek to continue on to the next city. This pattern repeated as Jasnah moved along the coastline doing research. When the Wind's Pleasure finally caught up to Jasnah in Kharbranth and Shallan was taken as Jasnah's ward, Captain Tozbek continued on, trading in other ports. Shallan later sends a note to Tozbek inquiring as to his whereabouts, which he takes as a request to pick her up and take her back to Jah Keved.[3] Shallan also acts as a scribe for Tozbek to offset the cost of her travels.[3]

Final voyage[edit]

Jasnah later chartered the Wind's Pleasure to take her and Shallan down the coast towards the Shattered Plains. Jasnah paid for the use of one cabin for Shallan and one for herself. Jasnah took the Captain's cabin. At Amydlatn, the Wind's Pleasure took on a new crew member.[4] While traveling down the coast, the Wind's Pleasure is paced by a santhid, which Shallan desperately wants to sketch.[4]

Shortly before reaching the Shallow Crypts, the new member of the crew assists in an armed takeover of the Wind's Pleasure.[5] The attackers seek to murder Jasnah Kholin and retrieve her research; Jasnah is confident that the Ghostbloods are behind this plot.[6] Shallan hides during the assault and unconsciously uses her Lightweaving abilities to escape detection.[5] With Pattern's assistance, she then enters Shadesmar and sees that the crew is being methodically executed. Using her latent Soulcasting ability, she convinces the Wind's Pleasure to change so that the crew might have a chance to survive. The Wind's Pleasure changes into a new form, dropping everyone aboard into the water.[5] Shallan wakes up in the Physical Realm and believes that the santhid saved her; neither she nor Pattern knows the fate of the remaining crew members and attackers.[7]



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