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Ashlv by Deepteadraws.jpg
Spouse Tozbek
Profession Sailor
Nationality Thaylen
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Way of Kings

Ashlv is a Thaylen woman on Roshar. She is a crewmember of the Wind's Pleasure, a ship captained by her husband,Tozbek.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Ashlv is a small woman with long white Thaylen eyebrows that she wears curled down to her cheeks. She is seen wearing a headscarf and a bright yellow blouse and skirt while aboard the ship.[2]

When the sailors flirted with Shallan Davar and embarrassed her, Shallan suspects that Ashlv later admonished them.[1] Other than this, she was a quiet presence.[2]


Ashlv worked on the cargo ship Wind's Pleasure with Tozbek and half a dozen other sailors.[1] She and Tozbek usually shared the ship's largest cabin.[3] She performed duties such as registering the ship when it made port.[2] She was also aware that the ship's ledgers were not in good order, and shrewdly recruited Shallan to perform some scribing work in exchange for safe passage out of Kharbranth.[4]

Tozbek was heard asking the thugs hired by the Ghostbloods to spare Ashlv's life during their attack on the Wind's Pleasure, but her fate is unknown.[5]


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