Shallow Crypts

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Shallow Crypts
Region Frostlands
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

I wouldn’t send my own brother ashore there without guards, and he’s killed seventeen men with his bare hands, he has.

Tozbek on the Shallow Crypts[1]

The Shallow Crypts is a port settlement on the southern edge of the Frostlands.[2]

The Shallow Crypts is considered to be a very dangerous city by sailors who know it well.[1] The city itself is unremarkable in appearance. It is surrounded by several similar sister cities in the same region.[3] Due to the location of the Shallow Crypts, there is a commonly traveled corridor running through the sparsely populated Frostlands that connects the city with the Shattered Plains and the Alethi warcamps. Even in this corridor, it can be expensive to run a caravan to the Plains without sufficient wares.[4] The people of the Shallow Crypts often trade slaves to caravans of merchants, who transport them to the Shattered Plains for sale. The city also does some trade by sea, managed by the harbormaster.[5]

Tvlakv visited the Shallow Crypts in 1173 after selling Kaladin into slavery.[4] The Wind's Pleasure intended to take port in the Crypts before it capsized after the attempt on Jasnah Kholin's life.[5] Soon after leaving the city, Tvlakv's caravan intercepted Shallan after her ship sunk, and Shallan made him return to the Plains without much in trade beyond his slaves.[4]


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