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House Davar

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House Davar
Type Family
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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House Davar is a small Veden family living in Valam princedom on Roshar.

It gives Highprince Valam its fealty, but his health was ailing him and he no longer provided the protection for the Davars that he once did.[1]


The Davar family live on an estate in Valam princedom and are known for mining. The mines were augmented using soulcasters until they died or broke.[citation needed]

Lin Davar and Lady Davar had five children; Helaran, Balat, Jushu, Wikim and Shallan.

At the age of eleven Shallan begins manifesting Radiant abilities and her mother attempts to kill her, leading to her own death which Lin takes the blame for.[2] Shallan blanks out the experience and blamed her father with everyone else. This strain on Lin caused him to become harsh and abusive towards his children. He eventually exiles Helaran, and then kills his second wife Malise Gevelmar.[3] After he threatens to kill Balat, Shallan poisons and then throttles Lin.[citation needed] During this time Helaran engages in a battle against Meridas Amaram and is killed by Kaladin.[citation needed]

After the Battle of Vedenar and the death of Highprince Valam, the surviving brothers travel to Urithiru to meet Shallan. The arrive in the days after the Battle of Thaylen Field, the day of Shallan's wedding to Adolin Kholin.[4]

Family Tree[edit]

House Davar


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