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Valam princedom

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Valam princedom
Ruler Valam (former), Taravangian
Nation Jah Keved
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Valam princedom was a Veden princedom on Roshar.[1] After the fall of House Valam, it is under the control of Taravangian.[2]


House Davar's estates are located in the former Valam princedom; they are known for their quarries.[1][3] The size of the princedom and its location within Jah Keved are not known, but Shallan Davar describes her family's lands as "nowhere near" the capital of Vedenar on the southern coast.[4]


The ruling family of the princedom was House Valam, led by Highprince Valam.[1] He used his illegitimate son Redin as an enforcer.[5] Valam had other children, but they all preceded him in death.[2]

The princedom had sufficient power to emerge victorious in the bloody Veden civil war of succession in 1173.[2] This victory was influenced by Taravangian and the Diagram, who had Szeth assassinate the other six highprinces who were vying for the throne.[4] Valam became king of Jah Keved and quickly recognized that Taravangian had contrived this outcome.[2] However, due to his severe illness and lack of heirs, he turned the kingdom over to Taravangian anyway.[2] Valam then instructed Redin to kill him,[2] presumably dissolving the Valam princedom.


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