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Jah Keved

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Jah Keved
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Ethnicity Veden
Capital Vedenar
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Jah Keved is one of the five Vorin Kingdoms on Roshar, situated in the eastern half of the continent. Its capital is Vedenar.[1] It is adjacent to Alethkar, Herdaz, Tu Bayla, Triax, and the Tarat Sea.[2]

Shallan's country of origin, Jah Keved is thought to possess the most Shardblades of any of the Vorin Kingdoms except Alethkar.[3]

Violet eyes are associated with people from Jah Keved.[4]

Locations in Jah Keved[edit]



Other Locations[edit]


War of Succession (1173)[edit]

After Szeth kills various Veden Highprinces, the rest of the nobility have a power-grab.

Battle of Vedenar (1173)[edit]

A final battle in the succession war, resulting in Highprince Valam becoming the king of Jah Keved. He then dies and names Taravangian as king.[5]


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