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Malise Gevelmar
Lin and Malise Davar by Marie Seeberger.jpg
House Davar
Spouse Lin Davar
Children Helaran, Balat, Wikim, Jushu, Shallan (stepchildren)
Parents Brightlord Gevelmar
Born c. ? 1147[fn 1]
Died Ish 1172 - killed by Lin[2]
Religion Vorinism
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Malise Gevelmar[fn 2] is a lighteyes from Jah Keved on Roshar. She is the second wife of Lin Davar and the stepmother of his children, including Shallan.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Malise is short and plump.[4] She has "buttonlike features" and black hair with blonde streaks.[1]

She is the youngest daughter of Brightlord Gevelmar.[5] House Gevelmar is rural and not particularly notable.[6] As a member of the nobility, she has some disdain for those of lower dahn.[5] She is generally non-threatening, but is capable of significant anger.[4]


Shortly after Shallan's mother died, her father married Malise and she moved into the Davar estate in Valam princedom.[7] Around that time, the Davar family was going broke, the oldest son Helaran had deserted the family, and Lin was increasingly unstable, often throwing things at his servants or beating them severely.[5] Over the next few years, Lin's sanity seemed to gradually decline despite the discovery of valuable quarries on Davar lands.[2]

Malise initially accepted Lin's story that Shallan's mother was killed by her lover in a murder-suicide,[5] but later questioned whether this was true after Lin began battering her.[1] When Lin later ordered Rin to assassinate Lin's own son Helaran,[4] Malise vehemently protested. Lin became enraged and beat her, breaking her arm and imprisoning her in her room.[8] Shallan tried to arrange for Balat and Malise to escape the house,[8] but shortly before the planned escape, Malise revealed the plan and Lin killed her with blows to the head.[2] Balat confronted Lin, but Lin severely injured him and attempted to attack Eylita. However, Malise's death prompted Shallan to give Lin wine poisoned with blackbane, which incapacitated him.[2] Shallan was forced to kill Lin and the family discovered the broken Davar soulcaster,[2] setting events into motion that resulted in Shallan seeking an apprenticeship with Jasnah Kholin.


Lin Davar[edit]

Malise is sent to marry Lin by her father in an arranged marriage, and they are married less than a month after meeting each other.[5] Approximately six months after her marriage to Lin, Wikim notes that Malise cries every other night.[1] Lin beats Malise, scaring off one of Shallan's tutors named Hasheh.[1] Lin's behavior causes multiple tutors to quit, and Malise is stuck looking for replacements.[8] As things devolve in the Davar household, Malise regrets the marriage.[8] She tells Shallan that there is a "beast" inside Lin and that he cannot let things go. She believes he will ultimately kill the entire family.[8]

Shallan Davar[edit]

Malise oversees Shallan's studies despite her own lack of education.[8] Since the Davars cannot retain tutors, Malise wants to teach Shallan, but she is not equipped to do so; her family ignored education like many rural Veden houses.[9] She is able to read women's script[1] but has little knowledge about history or other subjects.[8] Like Shallan's brothers, Malise harbors some resentment that Shallan is the only one in the family who avoids Lin's wrath.[8] Shallan feels like she barely knows her stepmother despite years of living together, but does feel protective of her.[8]


  1. Shallan was born in 1156, and Malise is noted as being "less than ten years older" than Shallan.[1]
  2. In most circumstances, Veden women do not take a married name.[3]
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