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Malise Gevelmar

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Malise Gevelmar
House Davar
Spouse Lin
Parents Gevelmar
Died Ish 1172 - killed by Lin[1]
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Malise Gevelmar was the second wife of Lin Davar, and Shallan's stepmother.

Shortly after Shallan's mother died, her father married Malise.[2] Malise tried to give Shallan an education but she herself had also had minimal training, as many of the rural Veden houses ignored education.[3] She believed whatever story Lin gave her for how his wife died. However as Lin became less stable she started to fear that she would end up dead like his last wife. When Shallan arranges to get her brothers away from her father Malise plans to travel with them to escape the rapidly destabilizing Lin. Shortly before the planned escape Malise breaks and informs Lin they are leaving. She is killed by Lin shortly after.[1]


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