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Eylita Tavinar

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Eylita Tavinar
Parents Lord and Lady Tavinar[1]
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Eylita Tavinar is a lighteyed Veden woman of 8th Dahn on Roshar. She is betrothed to Balat Davar.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She has long pure black hair.[1] She is not skilled at drawing.[2]

she was incredibly nice but not very clever.

Shallan's opinion of Eylita.[2]


She was present at the Middlefest Fair with her father, where he had a business meeting with Shallan's father. Shallan acted as an intermediary between Eylita and Balat, transporting a letter during the fair.[1] Balat received another letter the day Wikim gave Shallan some blackbane powder.[3] Balat mentioned eloping to Vedenar with her after Lin killed his pets.[4] The day they were going to escape, Lin killed Malise Gevelmar, his second wife, and trapped Balat and Eylita before they could escape. Shallan then poisoned Lin with the blackbane after he dueled Balat, wounding him with a fire poker.[5]

She acted as Balat's scribe and was the recipient of Shallan's spanreed messages whilst she was in Kharbranth, but had little talent with drawing.[2]

She accompanied Balat and the other brothers to Urithiru and was present at Shallan's wedding to Adolin Kholin.[6]


Balat Davar[edit]

Balat admits to hiding his animal abuse habit from Eylita.[7] [expand]


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