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Spouse Brightness Tavinar (unnamed)
Children Eylita
Nationality Veden
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Brightlord and Brightness Tavinar had been there on that day, when the bastard had come. They were not fond of Father, or his children.

Tavinar is a Veden brightlord and father of Eylita, Balat Davar's betrothed.[1] He and his family are vassals of House Davar.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Tavinar is a tall, lean, lighteyed man. Neither he nor his wife are particularly fond of their liege lord, Lin Davar, and in fact appear mildly scared by him. Nonetheless, Tavinar remains a loyal vassal, and takes care to maintain a good relationship with his brightlord.[2] In return, the Davars consider the Tavinars to be good subjects, but not particularly important ones.[3]

He has a good relationship with his daughter, and allows her a lot of freedom, so long as she keeps a handmaid with her.[1]


Tavinar and his family are first seen visiting Lin Davar when he announces his betrothal to Malise Gevelmar. They are clearly uncomfortable in brightlord Davar's presence and gladly leave as soon as the opportunity presents itself.[2] Since then, brightlord Tavinar comes to dislike Lin Davar and his family, which forces Eylita to visit them in secret.[1]

At some point, he and his wife travel to Alethkar for a month; during that time, his daughter intends to elope with Balat, although in the end, this doesn't happen.[4] Afterwards, it appears that brightlord Tavinar changes his mind on the Davar family, as by the time of Shallan's journey to Kharbranth, Eylita and Balat are formally betrothed.[5]

His fate in the aftermath of the Jah Keved civil war is uncertain, as Eylita arrives in Urithiru without either of her parents.[6]


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