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Vedenar city map.jpg
by Isaac Stewart
Nation Jah Keved
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Vedenar is the capital city of Jah Keved on Roshar.[1]


It is located on the southern edge of Jah Keved, at the Tarat Sea and adjacent to a river that flows from the Horneater Peaks.[2] It is laid out in a hexagon pattern with it's main thoroughfares forming a strongly rotationally symmetrical pattern.[1][3]


Shallan thinks Tozbek might take her back to Vedenar if they were unable to catch up with Jasnah Kholin.[4] She had originally set sail from Vedenar.[5]

Stormwardens in both Vedenar and Kholinar have concluded that storm water provides more nourishment to plants than lake or river water, which Kaladin thinks is a redundant conclusion.[6]

Kabsal shows Shallan a sketch of Vedenar as well as Kholinar, Akinah and Thaylen City, and then demonstrated creating their general layouts using cymatics.[1]

Terxim mentions dining in Veden City before travelling to Kholinar via Urithiru, and presumably the oathgates.[7]

Dunny mentions that Sigzil thinks he is originally from Jah Keved, and Rock suggests they might be cousins due to the proximity between Vedenar and the Horneater Peaks.[8]

Jasnah tells Shallan to seek out the Devotary of Sincerity, saying that tho there is none in Kharbranth, there is some in Vedenar.[9]

Tyn relays to Shallan that it is difficult to get information out of Vedenar after the assassination of king Hanavanar, his son and six of the other Highprinces.[10] According to Tyn's sources, Highprince Valam's forces were preparing to seize the city.[11]

Redin once visited Davar manor to solicit evidence about Shallan's mother's death and mentioned that there would always be willing ears in Vedenar to anyone who wanted to bring evidence.[12]

Revilar gloats to Lin Davar about being invited to visit the highprince in Vedenar regularly.[13]

Balat Davar confesses that he would willingly move to Vedenar and live as tenth dahn to live with Eylita Tavinar to escape their fathers oppression.[14] Shallan suggests he leave while their father is visiting Vedenar later in the month.[15] Later Balat plans to use the cover of visiting some eastern villages to escape to Vedenar.[16]

After the conclusion of the Veden civil war, Taravangian visits the city and observes that it has been reduced to a 'heap of rubble and ash'.[17]


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