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Middlefest Fair

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Middlefest Fair
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Middlefest Fair is an annual festival that takes place on Roshar during the Era of Solitude.[1]

Time & Location[edit]

The Middlefest Fair takes place at the same time each year, during the midpeace. The midpeace is the period opposite the Weeping in the Rosharan year. There are no highstorms during the midpeace, but it seems to lack the incessant rains of the Weeping.[1] This gap in the storms allows for the longer festival. It also seems likely that the Middlefest fair gets its name from the midpeace.

The Middlefest Fair is celebrated in the kingdoms of Jah Keved[1] and Alethkar,[2] but it is uncertain which others participate. In rural regions of the kingdoms, there are traditional fairgrounds on the highlords' lands where the festivities are set up each year. Local lords of at least the fourth dahn and their vassal houses attend the fairs along with their households.[1] It is unknown how Middlefest is celebrated by city folk and lighteyes of higher dahns.


The events of Middlefest Fair is the highlight of the year for many darkeyes and lighteyes alike. One of the favored among both are the duels. Fought by lighteyes of low dahn, these were one of the few ways for lesser landless lighteyes to gain notoriety in their area. The higher ranking lighteyes get boxes to view the fights, and even occasionally participate themselves.[1]

There are also simple games of guessing and chance. Occasionally a Worldsinger will attend to provide tales of far off lands and peoples. The darkeyes bring drums and sing songs together. Eating, drinking and gambling are also common activities. They play card games and bet on axehound fights.[1]

The fair was also an opportunity for merchants, including highly ranked darkeyes, to sell their wares. Exotic goods and creatures were bought and sold, such as parrots from exotic Shinovar. Lighteyes also use the event to make various trade agreements and maneuver for influence among one another and with the local highprince.[1]

Noteable Middlefests[edit]

In Shallan Davar's youth, she attends a Middlefest Fair on her family's lands. Her father was forced to agree to a disadvantageous trade agreement with Brightlord Revilar, who has the favor of Highprince Valam. Shallan attempted to bring happiness to her family by helping repair the damage their father did to Balat, Jushu, and Wikim. She also met Hoid, who tested Shallan's Lightweaving abilities, delivered a message from Helaran, and encouraged her to remain strong.[1]



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