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Redin by Dragontrill.jpg
Parents Valam
Siblings Sudi Valam
Profession Assassin
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Redin is an illegitimate son of Highprince Valam of Jah Keved on Roshar. He purportedly acts as Valam's assassin and executioner.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Redin is tall and has a long, slender face. He tends to purse his lips, giving him an angry or annoyed appearance.[1] He has heterochromia, with one eye of 'intense' blue and one that is dark brown.[1] He is seen wearing dark clothing, including a maroon coat (presumably the color of House Valam) with ruffles at the cuffs.[1]

He is terse and unflappable when carrying out Valam's orders.[1] He has the reputation of being "ruthless", but seems to have a soft spot for his father; Taravangian thinks he looks "helpless" when Valam is on his deathbed.[2]


Redin's heterochromia likely indicates that his mother is darkeyed.[3] Since eye color determines social status in Vorin nations, the few people that have heterochromia are treated awkwardly.[4][1] Valam typically addresses Redin as "bastard" and treats him with obvious disdain.[2]

I won’t lie here and let Taravangian coax my own servants into poisoning me. Do it, boy! Or can’t you do a single thing that—

—Valam's last words to Redin[2]

He visits Davar mansion while Lin Davar is entertaining Tavinar and questions Lin about the circumstances of his first wife's death.[1] He has authority to perform an inquest because House Davar owes fealty to Highprince Valam.[5] Redin is obviously suspicious of Lin, who seems to both plead with Redin and become extremely angry with him, although Redin's smooth demeanor prevents Lin from becoming truly enraged.[1] After Lin proves to be recalcitrant, Redin openly asks witnesses to come forward within earshot of the Davar children.[1] Although none of them speak up, they remember this offer years later when Lin is spiraling out of control.[6]

Redin was present at Valam's deathbed at the end of the Veden War of Succession, standing guard over the newly-crowned king.[2] Valam indicates that Redin is his only living child at that point.[2] Although Valam has figured out Taravangian's machinations, he announces Taravangian as his heir and successor to the Jah Keved throne after realizing that it is inevitable.[2] He asks Redin to stab him through the heart rather than wait for someone to poison him; Redin wavers and hesitates but eventually complies, killing Valam.[2] He storms out of the room and Mrall and Taravangian note that Valam's final request was particularly cruel; not only did he have to kill his father, but the patricide is also likely to disqualify him from any claim to the throne.[2]


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