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Balat Davar

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Balat Davar
House Davar
Parents Lin, mother
Siblings Helaran, Wikim, Jushu, Shallan
Born 1150[1]
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Balat Davar is a lighteyed Veden on Roshar.[1] Balat is born into House Davar as the second oldest child of Lin and his mother. Originally known as Tet Balat Davar, he becomes Nan Balat Davar, taking on the title for the first son and heir to House Davar after his father disowns his older brother Helaran.[2] He is betrothed to Eylita Tavinar.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Balat is a young man twenty-three years old as of 1173. By this time, he has suffered an injury in his leg that nearly causes the surgeon to cut it off. As a result of his injury, he walks with a cane.[1]

He has a history of cruelty, violence, and destructive tendencies. As a child, he sets fire to the servants' quarters, almost burning down the entire building,[4] and abuses, possibly killing, an axehound pup that his older brother Helaran gives him as a gift.[5] As an adult, he still regularly tortures and kills animals, such as ripping the legs off of small crabs.[1] Balat enjoys killing animals, finding it satisfying and a way to "keep [his] sanity".[1] This trait is being magically enhanced by unspecified forces on Roshar.[6]

He believes that House Davar is deeply damaged and a "family of cripples" as a result of the death of his mother and the events that followed it. He sees himself as the only one who is normal and unscathed by these events, which is ironically the opposite of reality.[1]


Whilst Shallan pursued Jasnah Kholin, Nan Balat ran the affairs of House Davar in the stead of his dead father. He and his brothers made public appearances and spread rumors that his father was planning something large.He also communicated with Shallan via Spanreed and kept up to date with her progress. After she is discovered and then abandons the house's cause in order to help Jasnah he is understanding and tells her he is glad to know that at least one of their family will survive.[7] When Jasnah Kholin steps in to help their house he is quite happy to hear of how they now have a strong chance of surviving.[7]


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