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Species Axehound
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Blasted creature. Never would obey properly.

— Balat[1]

Scrak is an axehound owned by Balat Davar.[1]

Balat has been raising axehounds since a very young age, and as their lifespan is unknown, it's hard to say how old Scrak is.[2] Balat thinks of her as a child, but this might be a figure of speech. She belongs to one of smaller, sleeker breeds, although she still weighs nearly as much as a grown man.[1]

Scrak's highly loyal to her master and cares for him, trumpeting whenever he shows up and leaning on him to get ear rubs. This being said, she can disobey him on little things, such as sharing her kills with him. She often plays around the sitting green at the Davar family manor, catching songlings and rolling around with them before biting off their legs.[1]

It's possible that Balat took her with him and his family when leaving Jah Keved to meet up with Shallan, though there's no proof either way.


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