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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Songlings are fist-sized creatures that live on Roshar.

Shaped like a peaked disc with four arms that reached out from the sides and scraped rhythms along the top. Four squat legs underneath are holding it usually to a rock wall.[1] Their singing sound is distinctly percussive.[2]

Shallan Davar notes that there are sometimes competing choruses of wild songlings near her home.[3] She also compares Jasnah Kholin to a songling, meaning that they are likely faster than many of Roshars creatures.

But Brightness Jasnah had proven to be as elusive as a wild songling

Shallan Davar on Jasnah Kholin's propensity to leave before Shallan arrived.[3]

Wit tries to imitate the sound on his pipes, and then converses with the local wildlife.[2]


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