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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Songlings are fist-sized creatures that live on Roshar.[1]


Songlings are shaped like a peaked disc with four arms. The arms reach out to the sides and over the body, scraping their ridged shells to make a sound.[1] It is described as a creak or "zipping rattle".[2][1] Each songling maintains its own repetitive beat and tone, and the sound is percussive rather than melodic.[1] They also have four legs situated underneath the body. The legs are squat and can hold the animal onto a rock wall.[1]


But Brightness Jasnah had proven to be as elusive as a wild songling. Best to be quick.

Shallan Davar on Jasnah Kholin's propensity to leave before Shallan arrived.[3]

Shallan compares Jasnah Kholin's elusive nature to a songling, implying that they are difficult to catch.[3] However, Balat's axehound Scrak is able to catch one and eats part of it.[1] They can be found in the brush[4] and they may live in groups, as Shallan notes that there are sometimes "competing choruses" of wild songlings near her home in Jah Keved.[3] Wit unsuccessfully tries to replicate the sound of a songling on his pipes. However, the songlings respond to his music, so Wit has a conversation with them; they seem to also respond to his voice.[2]


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