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Plot Summary
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Shallan and Jushu are in Balat's room helping him prepare to leave. They talk about the valuable deposits of stone recently found on their land, and how they find it strange to be wealthy all of a sudden. Despite the family's wealth, their father's mood has continued to grown darker.

Shallan unfolds and reads a letter. Their contacts haven't been able to find Helaran, who seems to have disappeared. Balat is jumpy, worried that their father will discover that he intends to leave. His plan is to escape with Eylita, and if he can't find Helaran, they'll go to Highprince Valam and Redin, who years ago told them he'd listen to anyone willing to testify against their father. Jushu is scepticle, saying that their father is in favor now, and that the highprince is nearly dead.

Wikim slams the door open, telling them that Eylita is in the feast hall, that their father had summoned her. Balat and Wikim rush to find out to find out whats happening. Shallan follows slowly, overwhelmed with panic, but she feels pulled forward. Somehow she knows that this has been coming, that it was inevitable. She collects the pouch of blackbane that Wikim had given her years ago, and heads downstairs.

Balat is arguing with their father about Eylita. Lin reveals that he knows about their plan to leave. Shallan enters the room and heads walks along the walls toward the kitchens. She notices something on the floor, blocking the kitchen doors from closing. Lin tells them that Helaran is dead, he died on a battlefield in Alethkar. Shallan reaches the bundle on floor and realizes it's a body. It is Malise, she'd been killed by several blows to the head. Shallan concludes that he'd discovered the plan, sent for Eylita and waited for her to arrive, and then killed his wife. It was a calculated punishment, not commited in a moment of passion. She moves to where servants had left a pitcher of wine with cups.

Balat unsheathes his sword, followed by Lin. They clash brutally, and Lin is able to swat the Balat's sword out of his hand. Lin tells them that he's always despised Balat, and of his sons only Helaran wasn't worthless. Shallan hands him a cup of wine, which he gulps down. Balat grabs his sword and tries to stab their father, but hits something metalic through his coat, which stops the blade. Lin tosses his sword aside and gets an iron poker from the fireplace. He slams it into Balat's leg over and over, berating him about being useless.

Lin's hands start shaking and the poker slips to the ground. Lin is surprised, and he stumbles and falls to his knees, then to his side. Shallan, feeling cold, tells Eylita to bind Balat's wounds, then kneels next to her father. Lin is motionless, staring at the ceiling. She tells them that she poisoned him with the blackbane. Jushu pulls a soulcaster out Lins pocket, which had apparently been broken while blocking Balat's last strike. Just then, their father starts twitching, and his eyes focus on Shallan. She realizes that the poison has only paralyzed him, and says that they need to finish the job. Everyone else shies away, so she thanks her father for everything he did for her, then wraps her necklace around his neck. She twists the necklace around the handle of a fork for leverage, crying and whispering the lullaby that he'd sung to comfort her in her childhood as he dies.

  • That Helaran was killed in battle in Alethkar is another piece of evidence indicating that he was the shardbearer killed by Kaladin in Way of Kings.


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