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AhbuttheywereleftbehindItisobviousfromthenatureofthebond ButwherewherewhereSetoffObviousRealizationlikeapricity TheyarewiththeShinWemustfindoneCanwemakeaTruthless

—From the Diagram, Floorboard 17: paragraph 2, every second letter starting with the first

Plot Summary
Ishatev 1173

Shallan draws a sketch of Jasnah based on a memory of her on the Wind's Pleasure. Pattern sees some creationspren fade out and comments how useless they are. They discuss the nature of perception and lies, the latter a subject that fascinates Pattern.

Dalinar joins Shallan in her tent and she takes a memory since she has no sketches of him. Dalinar asks for privacy, and Shallan's guard and the scribes leave. Dalinar asks about Shallan telling about Jasnah discovering the secrets of the Radiants and she verifies what she said is true. Dalinar says he thinks he is supposed to refound the Knights, but that he chose the wrong person to lead them, and that they might be refounding themselves. Shallan asks him if he is supposed to gather them instead of refound them, then she demonstrates her ability which leaves Dalinar in awe. Dalinar says he should put Shallan in charge of the Radiants but she demurs using an awkward phrase, but they are then interrupted by an alert of parshendi being spotted. Dalinar goes to investigate and Shallan follows, assuring him that she can handle the danger. She says that she can also soulcast but not well, and asks her abilities to be kept a secret and he says he will only tell Navani but she says not to, and that she isn't really under his authority. Dalinar acquiesces to her demands but says they will talk further, and says that she gives him hope. A scout reports that they spotted the Parshendi, and lost three men but killed one of the foes and they appear different from other Parshendi, and the scouts had burn wounds oddly enough, despite the rain. Shallan examines the corpse and sees that its eyes are red and is alarmed. Teleb reports that another Parshendi walked up to the army, not attacking but just standing, and Dalinar and Shallan go to investigate. The Parshman, Rlain, calls out to some of the bridgemen. Skar verifies that he used to be in bridge four and now wants to surrender to Dalinar.


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