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Leyten portrait.png
Abilities Windrunner[1]
Groups Knights Radiant (Windrunner)
Bridge Four, Kholin army, Sadeas army (formerly)
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Leyten is a Windrunner and member of Bridge Four on the planet Roshar. He is the quartermaster of the Windrunners under Kaladin Stormblessed, and as such is responsible for keeping them supplied with uniforms and other items.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Leyten is thick-bodied and has an oval-shaped face.[3][4] He is tall, stout, and has light, short curly hair.[5][6] He has an affable nature, finding it easy to talk to people no matter their rank.[7]


Bridge Four[edit]

Leyten was an apprentice armorer prior to becoming a bridgeman, but when a lighteyes' armor broke and he took an arrow in the shoulder, the blame fell on Leyten. As a result, he was demoted to work on the bridge crews.[4]

On the first bridge run after Kaladin's promotion to bridgeleader, Leyten dropped after taking two arrow wounds in his shoulder and the opposite arm. Another arrow grazed his stomach and his left leg was trampled by a horse. Teft and Rock carried Leyten to Kaladin, who insisted on treating his wounds. Leyten fell unconscious and Kaladin feared he wouldn’t make it. However, he still pulled the arrows free from his arms and cauterized the wounds, then splinted Leyten’s leg using the arrow shafts and cauterized that wound as well, saving the man’s life. The crew brought him back to the barracks by tying him to the top of their bridge while they ran and then quickly untying him before the army crossed.[8]

Leyten’s wounds soon became infected, causing Kaladin to enlist Rock and Teft to help collect knobweed sap for its antiseptic qualities. The knobweed sap worked, and soon Leyten was up and about, though he initially had a lot of trouble walking due to his crushed leg.[9][10][11]

Leyten’s condition continued to improve, even joining the rest of Bridge Four in the chasms for spear training and harvesting.[12] After the success of using the Parshendi carapace armor, Leyten was tasked with crafting additional sets for every man in Bridge Four.[4] He expertly crafted it to fit on their current leather jerkins and caps, along with arm and shin guards to match. Leyten insisted on ornamenting the helms with ridges and cuts, as well as cutting the breastplates and guards in toothlike patterns.[13]

Dalinar's Army (1173—)[edit]

After the Battle of the Tower, Leyten joined Dalinar’s army along with the rest of the bridgemen.[14] He continued working on armor, fixing issues as gear arrived from the quartermaster.[15] He also assisted in guarding the various members of House Kholin.[16] In the mornings, Leyten trained with Natam and a few others. When Kaladin gave Shen a spear, he encouraged the parshmen to train with Leyten and Natam, who were willing to teach him.[17] When Renarin joined Bridge Four, Leyten helped teach him how to carry a bridge.[18]

Leyten was one of the bridgemen who was guarding Dalinar when Rlain surrendered himself to the Alethi.[19] He survived the Everstorm and the preceding battle.[20] At Urithiru, he was among the members of Bridge Four who accompanied Shallan Davar when she confronted Re-Shephir.[21] He was shaken by the event and had nightmares about it for some time.[3][22]

He became a squire to Kaladin Stormblessed at some point during their training, and so he participated in the running competition that Sigzil held to test the benefits of Stormlight. He was one of the slowest due to stopping for food during the run.[23] Alongside his training, he kept on handling the supply, but as organization of the bridge crews was a mess, he couldn't deal with all the requisition orders.[24]

Leyten presumably fought in the Battle of Thaylen Field and the preceding battle in defense of Urithiru along with the rest of Bridge Four present.[25][26]

Following the battle at Thaylen City, Leyten bonded a spren of his own.[27] He later went on a mission to Akinah with several other Windrunners. He reported a strange weather pattern around the island as well as swarms of strange small shadows (later discovered to be hordelings that had bred with larkin) hovering in the clouds, but was unsure if they were alive or were spren. One came from behind and drained him of his Stormlight. He subsequently fell in the ocean and had to be rescued by Lyn and Sigzil.[28][1][29]

He also accompanies the Fourth Bridge on its expedition to Hearthstone, defending the airship against the Fused assault along with a dozen other Windrunners.[30] Following Kaladin's retirement, Leyten gathers around fifty Windrunners to show respect to their former highmarshal. He and a majority of the Bridge Four Windrunners join Dalinar Kholin's forces on the battlefield in Emul.[31]

Later, he goes with Dalinar on his trip to find Ishar, and finds that he and the other four Windrunners are no match for Ishar's power as Ishar tethers all five to the stone with a "glowing rope that drained the Stormlight out." After Ishar flees, Dalinar has Leyten and the other Windrunners search the Herald's camp, finding unnatural corpses of spren within the Physical Realm. The group then returns to Emul, unnerved by their experience.[6] Leyten later reunited with Bridge Four to participate in Teft's funeral.[32]


  • Leyten is based on a friend in Brandon's writing group named Alan.[33][34][35][36]


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