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Type Plant
Used for Antiseptic
Native to Shattered Plains
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Knobweed is a fairly common[1] reed that grew outside the Alethi warcamps near the Shattered Plains on Roshar[2] and likely other locations.

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Knobweed grows on plains of rock on the leeward side of boulders. The stalk of the reed is immobile, attached to the rock, and can grow as long as a man's forearm. The top of the reed contained a frond that would retract during highstorms. During each storm, some get pulled free and blown to a new location, where they reestablish themselves and spread.[1] Knobweed also gives off fluff.[3]


Knobweed stems are sturdy and have the potential to be woven into hats.[1]

The creamy white sap or "milk" of knobweed is a powerful antiseptic.[1][4] The sap can be removed from the stalk by squeezing it along the stem.[1] Usually two or three drops are produced. The sap can then be used to clean wounds, or to sanitize hands during surgery.[5]


The trade of knobweed sap is a lucrative business among the apothecaries supplying the warcamps.[4] The highprinces are unaware that the reeds they see growing are knobweed, so the apothecaries charge a high rate, two skymarks for each jar.[citation needed] When Kaladin discovers this, he begins selling some of the sap he collected for his bridgemen to one of the apothecaries for money to feed the wounded and to pay for the nightly stew's ingredients. The apothecary agrees, even though he receives less profit, because he could claim ignorance as to where the reeds were coming from if the Alethi find out what he and the other apothecaries has been doing. Furthermore, knobweed has started to become hard for the apothecaries to find.[4] In Dalinar's camp, the surgeons and their servants gather knobweed.[6]

As Shallan is traveling with Tvlakv's caravan, she harvests knobweed sap and uses it to tend to her feet when she doesn't have proper shoes.[7][8]


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