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Abilities Radiant squire for Order of Windrunners
Groups Bridge Four, Sadeas army (formerly), Kholin army
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Natam is a member of Bridge Four.

He has a long face, and is initially non-committal to the changes Kaladin brings,[1] but is brought round over time.[2]

He is among those on duty during Moash's fake assassination attempt on King Elhokar.[3] He and Mart are assigned to guard Navani.[4]

He's among the bridgemen learning to ride horses. He has a rural Alethi accent. Kaladin asks him if he remembers anything about the attack on the King during their riding lessons, and he eventually remembered that Moash had gone out onto the balcony.[5]

Kaladin suggests to Shen to learn the spear from Natam and Leyten.[6]


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