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Siblings Eth
Died Battle of Narak[1] killed by Szeth
Profession Guard
Groups Bridge Four, Sadeas army (formerly), Kholin army
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Words of Radiance

Mart is a member of Bridge Four.[2]

Eth is his brother.[3]


Mart and Eth were caught planning to desert, and they were sent to the bridge crews as punishment.[4]

Kaladin took Mart, Eth, Moash and Drehy to relieve Skar and his unit after listening to the King's proclamation on the collection of gemhearts. Before leaving, Kaladin asked Rock to start making good food for the bridge crews, and Mart made a remark about not including shells in the food. They went to guard Dalinar and the king at the Pinnacle during a meeting, and Kaladin assigned Eth and Mart to guard the door, telling them to stop anyone but a Highprince from entering without permission from within. After the meeting, Moash, Eth, and Mart followed Dalinar out.[2]

He and Natam were assigned to guard Navani while Kaladin confronted Dalinar about Amaram.[5]

When Szeth attacked Dalinar, Mart and Eth were assigned to guard the king.[3] After the attack, Mart and Moash guarded the door to the king's chambers.[6]

Eth and Mart were guarding Adolin during one of Kaladin's Shardblade training sessions.[7]

Both Mart and Pedin were killed by Szeth during the Battle of Narak.[1]

Kaladin remembered him, Jaks, Beld, Pedin, Rod, Goshel, Nalma, Dallet and the squad, and Tien while trying to say the Fourth Ideal of the Windrunners.[8]

Kaladin remembers Mart again as he holds Moash at spearpoint in Hearthstone and thinks the he failed Moash as much he failed Mart, Dunny, and Jaks. But failing Moash hurt the most.[9]


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