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Died Battle of the Tower Tanatashev 1173[1]
Groups Bridge Four, Sadeas army
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Earless Jaks was a member of Bridge Four on Roshar.[2] He was killed during the Battle of the Tower.[1]


Like many of the other Bridge Four members, Earless Jaks did not take kindly to Kaladin’s leadership in the beginning. On stone gathering duty, Earless Jaks approached with Dunny, towing a wooden sled bearing a large stone. As they loaded the boulder into the wagon, Earless Jaks scowled at Kaladin. When Kaladin complimented him, Earless Jaks just glared at him and stalked off.[2]

His contempt for Kaladin continued, joining in when Sigzil and Moash gibed the bridgeleader during chasm duty.[3]

He cares about looking important. Even if he was in the army, I’ll bet he spent his days cleaning out latrines.

— Earless Jaks taunting Kaladin during chasm duty [3]

After Kaladin performed the advanced kata, Earless Jaks was among the stunned bridgemen who had a newfound respect for Kaladin. He even asked what their purpose would be in Kaladin’s plan to win all the men over. Kaladin replied that the men themselves, would be his secret weapon.[3]

Later, once they secured Parshendi carapaces, Earless Jaks purchased blue and white paint to draw designs on the new armor for Bridge Four.[4]

Earless Jaks died in the Battle of the Tower alongside Malop and Narm.[1] Kaladin lamented that he couldn’t save the three.[5]

Kaladin remembered him, along with Malop, Beld, Pedin, Rod, Mart, Goshel, Nalma, Dallet and the squad, and Tien whilst trying to say the fourth Ideal of the Windrunners.[6]


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