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Died Battle of the Tower Tanatashev 1173[1]
Profession Bridgeman
Groups Bridge Four, Sadeas army
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Narm is a member of Bridge Four.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is skinnier than most of the other bridgemen.[2] Narm is also one of the loudest complainers about Kaladin’s leadership, alongside Moash and Sigzil.[3]


During his first run as bridgeleader, Kaladin sought to find and heal the wounded bridgemen best he could. He asked Narm to make a fire, handing over his own shirt for tinder. Narm struggled to get the fire going while Kaladin worked on Gadol. Despite his efforts, Gadol died, but Kaladin yelled at Narm to keep the fire going and not to let it die in case others come. To his surprise, Narm actually got a small flame going which they used to treat other bridgemen.[4]

When Bridge Four is assigned chasm duty, Narm was working beside Moash who was taunting Kaladin. Kaladin performed a kata which left them all, including Moash and Narm, stunned. Impressed with Kaladin, three-quarters of the bridgemen joined Kaladin for training in the morning, except for some of the loudest complainers including Narm.[3]

Later, on a bridge run, Narm was injured alongside Peet. It was a fraction of what other crews lost, but Kaladin argued that was still too many.[5]

During the bridge run in which Kaladin first employed the carapace armor, the Parshendi fell into formation, nocking some fifty arrows at Kaladin and the rest of Bridge Four. They are saved by the timely arrival of Dalinar Kholin and his honor guard. After the close call, Kaladin sent Narm and Leyten to find good scouting points and watch the field for any Parshendi movement towards the chasm.[5]

Narm was one of three bridgemen casualties during the Battle of the Tower, alongside Malop and Earless Jaks. He died trying to hold the bridge against the Parshendi while the Kholin army retreated.[6]


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