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Peet by Marie Seeberger.jpg
Abilities Windrunner[1]
Groups Knights Radiant (Windrunner)Bridge Four, Sadeas army (formerly), Kholin army
Residence Urithiru
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Way of Kings

Peet is a member of Bridge Four on Roshar and a Windrunner.[2][1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Peet is lean and balding with an oval face.[3][4] Others see him as quietly dependable.[5]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Peet is trained in the use of the spear.[3] He is also a Windrunner, having sworn at least the First Ideal of the Knights Radiant. This allows him to draw in Stormlight and use the Surges of Gravitation and Adhesion.[6][7]



Peet was one of the members of Bridge Four who stubbornly resisted Kaladin's efforts to take charge of the group.[8] He did, however, assist Kaladin by fetching a watergourd for him while he did some basic field surgery on Leyten on a bridge run.[2] He and Narm were wounded in one of the first bridge runs after Kaladin's decision to save Bridge Four, adding to the number of bridgemen from the crew who still needed food but drew no pay.[9]

After Kaladin healed from his time in the highstorm, he found that Peet and Hobber had both healed enough to join in again with carrying the bridge. Later, the crew gave Rock a gift in appreciation of his nightly stew, and Peet pointed out to him that besides the razor there were also a piece of polished steel for a mirror, some soap, and a strop for sharpening.[10]

When Brightlord Hashal replaced Lamaril as captain over the bridgemen, he assigned Bridge Four permanently to chasm duty. Peet grew worried and asked Kaladin what they would do, not knowing that Kaladin himself was dealing with growing doubts that he would be able to help Bridge Four at all. Later, in the chasms, Kaladin offered to train the bridgemen to use a spear in preparation for an eventual escape attempt, and the entire group agreed to his plan.[3]

Bridge Four trained in the chasms until they had rudimentary skill as spearmen and used the bridge runs to practice their method of using Parshendi carapace as armor that would draw the enemy's attention to a select few bridgemen instead of the group at large. Peet and the rest of the Bridge Four went on the joint assault between Dalinar and Torol Sadeas that culminated in the Battle of the Tower.[11] After Sadeas' betrayal, when Kaladin noticed him retreating, he told Rock and Peet to take the wounded Teft and help him along.[12]

“Stormfather,” Peet whispered. “What … what is he?”
“He’s our bridgeleader,” Teft said.

—After Kaladin swears the Second Ideal[13]

Bridge Four had an opportunity to escape the army with their bridge on the way from the Tower back to the warcamp, but the men all wholeheartedly backed Kaladin's decision to return to the Tower to aid Dalinar.[14] After Kaladin spoke the Second Ideal of the Windrunners, Peet was stunned by what he saw as Kaladin singlehandedly took on the Parshendi at the far end of their bridge.[13]

Dalinar traded Oathbringer for the lives of all of Sadeas' bridgemen, bringing them over to his warcamp and offering them a place in his army. That night around the fire, Kaladin showed the men his ability to breathe in Stormlight and explained that he didn't know much about his abilities. Rock suggested throwing Kaladin off a cliff, and Peet, missing the humor of Rock's novel way to get Kaladin to manifest his powers, wanted to know what good that would do.[15]


Peet and the rest of Bridge Four, accepting positions as Dalinar's guards, undertook the duties of guarding the Kholins and training the rest of the brigemen to turn them into soldiers.[16] As free men, they sometimes went out into the market on free evenings; Peet met a barmaid named Ka at the Ornery Chull during these trips and began showing interest in her.[17][4]

On the excursion when Kaladin joined Peet, Sigzil, Moash, and Rock on their trip to the tavern, Peet was able to secure them a table only because of his relationship with Ka. Sigzil, seeing the two of them interact, was prompted to discuss housing for married members of Bridge Four with Kaladin, who had not given a thought to the issue. Once the group was seated, Peet joined in the discussion as Rock related the story of the creation of the Horneater Peaks until Ka came by again and Peet got up to help her bus the tables.[4]

Peet closed the door, then looked at Adolin, raising an eyebrow. Great. Now he was getting attitude from the bridgemen.

—After Relis confronts Adolin[18]

As the Kholin family guards, Bridge Four supplied members to guard Adolin as well as Dalinar and the king; on the day of Adolin's duel against Elit, Peet and another bridgeman were on duty in Adolin's staging room. After Relis stormed in to confront Adolin, the bridgemen witnessed Adolin make his disastrous agreement to fight Relis and "whomever" he would bring.[18]

Bridge Four accompanied Dalinar on his expedition to Stormseat that culminated in the Battle of Narak and the discovery of Urithiru. Peet was part of the group that went with Shallan to explore the plateau that turned out to be an Oathgate platform. He returned to Dalinar to tell him the Alethi armies needed to get onto that plateau to escape the converging Everstorm and highstorm.[19] Shallan succeeded in transporting them all to Urithiru, after which Peet and the others of Bridge Four who had survived the battle returned to the Shattered Plains to await Kaladin's return from his fight with Szeth.[20]

Windrunner Squire[edit]

Peet, don’t think I haven’t seen you glowing.


After moving into Urithiru, groups of soldiers and scouts, including Bridge Four, explored the city's maze-like tunnels. On one scouting trip, Bridge Four discovered Sadeas' corpse.[21] When they later found the body of Vedekar Perel, Peet noted that it looked remarkably like what happened to Sadeas.[22] Later, he and Leyten discovered Oathbringer in a planter, where it had fallen after Adolin threw it out the window. They showed the Shardblade to Dalinar, who took possession of it again.[23]

Sometime after vacating the warcamps in favor of Urithiru, Peet and Ka became betrothed. Sigzil, seeing that their impending marriage presented a deadline of sorts, brought up to Kaladin for the second time the issue of requisitioning housing for married members of Bridge Four.[24]

As he was one of the first members of Bridge Four to become a squire, Kaladin assigned Peet to teach a group of bridgemen how to breathe in Stormlight during a Windrunner squire recruiting session. Later that day, Hobber used some Stormlight to heal his legs, and Drehy and Peet were the first ones there to help him stand for the first time.[6] During another of the training sessions, Peet trained the ten newest squires, including Lyn and Colot, leading them in practice with Lashings.[7] After Kaladin left on the expedition to Kholinar, Dalinar lent Bridge Four Jezrien's Honorblade so they could continue practicing with their Windrunner powers.[25]

Peet was with the group that accompanied Dalinar to Thaylen City to check on Amaram's progress helping rebuild the city and to meet with Queen Fen and the other monarchs who had joined their coalition. After the Eila Stele's translation was distributed to the coalition, Bridge Four left the city and returned to Urithiru. When they arrived back at the barracks, they discovered Rock and Bisig injured and unconscious in the barracks while Eth, the one who had held the Honorblade that day, was dead. Peet tended to Bisig and suggested that Rock be treated by Renarin. Shortly after, Bisig regained consciousness enough to relate to them what had transpired.[26]

After defeating an invasion of Parshendi, the new full Windrunner Teft led Bridge Four and a division of Alethi soldiers through Urithiru's Oathgate into the middle of the Battle of Thaylen Field.[27] Later, at Taravangian's request during the post-battle efforts, Teft, Leyten, and Peet transported a twenty-foot square platform carrying the wounded towards the upper city.[28]


Following the battle at Thaylen City, Peet bonded a spren of his own.[1] He likely participated in the evacuation of Hearthstone with his fellow Windrunners, engaging the Fused in combat, before returning to Urithiru.[29] Following Kaladin's retirement, Peet and a majority of the Bridge Four Windrunners joined Dalinar's forces on the battlefield in Emul.[30] Following the occupation of Urithiru, Peet returned for Teft's funeral, along with the rest of Bridge Four.[31]



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