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Abilities Radiant squire for Order of Windrunners[1]
Groups Bridge Four, Sadeas army (formerly), Kholin army
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Bisig is a member of Bridge Four.[2]

He is thin with an angular face and doesn't speak much.[3] He is the last member to join in with the reforms Kaladin brings.[2] After the crew gives Rock a razor he is one of the two to get hugged by the Horneater.[4]

Bisig is one of the guards during the highstorm prior to the balcony collapse, and is dismissed prior to the actual attack.[5] He is among the expedition to find Stormseat[6], and survives the Battle of Narak, though loses the sensation in his right hand to Szeth.[7]

He is in a relationship.[8] He became a squire along with Drehy and healed his hand injury.[1] He crashed into the ceiling during practice.[9] He was wounded once again during the theft of the honorblade but survives to describe the situation.[10][11]


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