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Siblings Mart[1]
Died Murdered during theft of Honorblade from Bridge Four[2]
Abilities Radiant squire for Order of Windrunners[3]
Groups Bridge Four, Sadeas army (formerly), Kholin army
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Eth is a member of Bridge Four.[4]

Mart is his brother. Eth and a number of the other bridgemen receive basic field medic training from Kaladin.[5] Eth is also a Windrunner squire to Kaladin Stormblessed.[6]


Kaladin takes Eth, Moash, Drehy and Mart to relieve Skar and his unit after listening to the King's proclamation on the collection of Gemhearts. They go to guard Dalinar and the king at the Pinnacle for a meeting, and Kaladin assigns Eth and Mart to guard the door, and stop anyone but a Highprince from entering without permission from within. After the meeting Moash, Eth and Mart followed Dalinar out.[4]

When Szeth attacks Dalinar, Mart and Eth are assigned to guard the king.[1] After the attack Eth treats Adolin and Dalinar's wounds before Kaladin returns to them.[5]

During one of Kaladin's shardblade training sessions, he remarks that Eth and Mart are guarding Adolin.[7]

At Adolin's duel against 4 others, Eth and Skar are on duty guarding him in his preparation room.[8]

Eth survives Szeth's attack on Dalinar during the Battle of Narak, but his brother Mart does not and Eth mourns over his body.[9]

Eth becomes a Radiant squire and in one training session sticks a rock to his hand.[6]

During another practice exercise of Bridge Four, Eth uses the term "shellheads" in reference to the Voidbringers. He tells Rlain that he didn't mean any offence and asks Rlain if he knows why the Fused are attacking trade caravans on the Shattered Plains. Eth calls the Fused Rlain's "kinsmen", to which Rlain responds by saying that the Fused are his enemy and he and his people have spent their entire lives hiding from their old gods.[10]

Before the Battle of Thaylen Field Taravangian sends someone to Bridge Four to steal Jezrien's Honorblade, which Eth was holding at the time. During the attack Rock and Bisig are badly injured, and Eth is killed. The assassin uses Teft's Bridge Four uniform coat as a disguise.[2].


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