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Vedekar Perel

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Vedekar Perel
Died ? 1174[1]
Profession Military officer
Groups Sebarial army
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Vedekar Perel is a lighteyed Alethi officer in the Sebarial army on Roshar.[1] He moves to Urithiru after the Battle of Narak and is murdered by Re-Shephir.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He has bulbous features.[3] His build is similar to that of Torol Sadeas,[3] who is described as "stout".[4]

He is quiet and well-liked.[5] Although he is in the military, he is known as an administrator and not a soldier.[5] He is not a particularly prominent member of the Sebarial army, as he is not known to either Shallan or Adolin before he is murdered.[1]


Perel presumably lived at the Shattered Plains during the War of Reckoning, as he is present in Urithiru shortly after the Oathgate at Stormseat is activated.

Not long after the move to Urithiru, his body is discovered by a scouting party that includes several members of Bridge Four.[1] He is found in a bathing chamber in a remote part of the second level of Urithiru,[1] close to where the corpse of Torol Sadeas was found a few days earlier.[5] Perel's corpse is found with a bloodied face, positioned in the exact same way that Sadeas was found.[1] He was stabbed through the eye, also paralleling Sadeas, and his clothing is disheveled and shows signs of a struggle.[1] Several people (including Navani and Shallan) assume that the same person killed both men.[1][5]

In the absence of Niter and Malan, Dalinar assigns Adolin to oversee the investigation of the murders.[1] Adolin enlists May Aladar and others to interview Perel's family and friends,[6] but is unable to find any connection between the two victims.[5] After a series of other copycat murders, Shallan reviews her sketches and comes to the realization that a twisted spren killed Perel because of his physical resemblance to Sadeas.[3] This leads to a confrontation between Shallan and the Unmade known as Re-Shephir.[3] Shallan realizes that Re-Shephir has been trying to gain a better understanding of human behavior by mimicking their violence.[7]


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