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Profession Soldier
Residence The Alethi warcamps
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Perel is a field commander on Roshar.[1]


Perel was present at the Battle of Narak under the command of Adolin Kholin. He was seen wearing a large stormcoat due to the heavy rain.[2]

He commanded a battalion that included heavy infantry and spearmen.[1] Adolin asked him to prepare a charge against the listeners[1] near some bright lighting fabrials placed by Navani.[2] However, the listeners focused their attention on Adolin and rendered him unable to break through their front, thwarting the Alethi strategy.[1] Perel called a partial retreat and reported to Adolin that the two armies were in a stalemate. He was confused as to why some of the enemy forces continued to sing behind the lines rather than joining the fight.[2] Adolin wanted to stop the singing, but Perel warned him against attempting a solo assault. Adolin decided to have Perel take some soldiers and create a distraction[2] while he launched a sneak attack on the singers by traveling through the hollow rock formations.[2]


  • Perel uses the idiom "treading water" to describe the stalemate during the battle. Adolin has no idea what he is talking about, and Perel calls it a "swimming term".[2]
  • Perel shares a name and some characteristics with Vedekar Perel, an officer in the Sebarial army who was found murdered in Urithiru and was likely present at the Battle of Narak.[3] At one point, General Khal and Dalinar specifically mentioned the possibility of using Sebarial troops to support Adolin.[1] However, Adolin claims that he did not know Vedekar Perel[3] and May Aladar's investigation indicates that he was known as a quiet administrator, not a soldier.[4][5]


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