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Chapter 13: Chaperone
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Oathbringer Summary
Follows Chapter 12: Negotiations
Precedes Chapter 14: Squires Can't Capture
Viewpoint Shallan
Word Count 3,823


I ask only that you read or listen to these words.

—From Oathbringer, preface

Plot Summary[edit]

Shallan transforms herself into Veil. She practices walking with a more confident gait and talking with a deeper, rougher voice. She looks over her sketches of Veil to try to refine the look. She wants to be able to transform quickly, without needing to review them. Someone knocks at her doorway, so she invites them in, assuming it’s Palona. It turns out to be Adolin, who sees her in only her nightgown, safehand exposed! She hurriedly dresses while they flirt through the doorway as he waits outside with food and books. She admits him and begins eating. Adolin realizes that this is her bedroom and wonders if it’s proper for them to be alone, so Shallan enlists Pattern as a chaperone to prevent them from doing anything “inappropriate” (which he later realizes is “mating”). Adolin convinces Shallan to try some men’s food, and it burns her mouth. He has brought several books to help her with her political knowledge since she was lacking in their last meeting with Dalinar. Adolin expresses his concern with the betrothal: he doesn’t want to mess this one up like all his other numerous courtships. Shallan reassures him, and they start to kiss until Pattern starts yelling at them to stop.


mentioned only


Somewhere between Jesnanah 1174 and Jesaches 1174, in the evening. Immediately precedes the events of Chapter 15: Brightness Radiant.

Shallan's quarters in Urithiru

Chapter Header[edit]

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