May Aladar

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May Aladar
Parents Aladar
Ancestors Sadees[1]
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

May Aladar is a lighteyed member of the nobility on Roshar. She is the only known child of Highprince Aladar.[2]


May Aladar is an Alethi lighteyes, meaning she has tan skin and epicanthic folds. She's a short, pretty woman roughly in her twenties, with curly jet-black hair that she wears short. Her eyes are pale yellow.[2]


May's father included her in many of his politically important events and meetings. She was invited to Dalinar's and Navani's wedding.[3] She was also part of Dalinar's diplomatic team during his early attempts to form the coalition of monarchs, alongside her father, Navani, Kalami and Teshav Khal. During the negotiations, she was mostly an observer. She also assisted Navani in collecting information that came in via spanreed.[4]

May was present when Torol Sadeas's corpse was found.[2] Following the death of Vedekar Perel, May was instructed by her father—by then, named the Highprince of Information—to have Perel's family and associates questioned.[5] In light of the murders, she suggested implementing laws to limit movement around the tower.[6] She also participated in scientific discussions with scholars and ardents regarding the functioning of Urithiru.[7]

She was present when the news of Kholinar's fall arrived, and reacted to it with extreme nausea.[8]


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