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Died c. Kakah 1173[1]
Profession Bridge Captain
Groups Sadeas army
Residence The Alethi warcamps
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Way of Kings

Brightlord Lamaril was a captain in the Sadeas army on the Shattered Plains on Roshar. He oversaw Torol Sadeas's bridge crews.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Lamaril is a tall, slim lighteyes. Although he is not a large man, his angular body implies that he is not weak. He wears a beard with a square cut. His clothing includes a forest-green cloak, one of the colors of House Sadeas.[3]

He is a cruel person who casually threatens his inferiors and causes them to fear him.[3] He has no regard for the lives of darkeyed soldiers.[3][4] His primary concerns during his tenure as a captain appear to be enriching himself and staying in Sadeas's good graces.[3][4] Sylphrena does not like him.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Lamaril is a landless lighteyes of a very low dahn; he is referred to as a "near-darkeyes" by Brightlady Hashal.[3][5]

He acted as Gaz's immediate superior[2] and blackmailed Gaz for an unknown reason.[3] Gaz paid Lamaril as much as he could but was not able to satisfy his debt.[3]


After Kaladin's arrival at the Shattered Plains in 1173, he quickly noticed that Lamaril did not pay much attention to the bridge crews. This allowed Bridge Four to rescue their wounded after a battle instead of taking the mandatory approach of leaving them for dead.[2] However, Lamaril found out about Kaladin's actions and asked Sadeas to execute him. Sadeas instead decided to let the wounded men stay, but withhold their pay and food to demonstrate why they were not a good use of the army's resources.[6]

Lamaril soon recognized that Kaladin's ambition was dangerous to his army's status quo, and told Gaz that he needed to eliminate Kaladin. Gaz was hesitant, as Kaladin had been giving him small bribes that he used towards his debt to Lamaril, but suggested assassinating him. Lamaril told him that he could not make a martyr of Kaladin and that he needed to die in battle instead.[4]

Prior to the army's next plateau assault, Lamaril and Gaz were seen speaking on the battlefield. Gaz gave the other bridge crews new members despite Bridge Four's dwindling numbers, leaving them barely enough men to carry their bridge. Bridge Four was then placed at the head of a Sadeas army assault on the Tower, a large plateau that was particularly well-defended by the Parshendi.[4] Kaladin successfully led Bridge Four in a new "side carry" technique to block the Parshendi arrows, but their actions unwittingly caused the assault to fail. The Parshendi simply targeted the other bridge crews instead, who disastrously attempted to copy the new technique without any practice.[4] Lamaril was angry, but Kaladin convinced him that if he were executed, it would look like Lamaril was trying to hide his endorsement of the failed side carry technique, since the soldiers saw him speaking to Gaz immediately before the battle. Lamaril instead had Kaladin severely beaten, and he and Gaz stole the spheres from his pouch.[4][1]

Sadeas did not accept Lamaril's attempts to blame the debacle on Kaladin and Gaz, and held Lamaril accountable since he was the ranking lighteyes involved. Sadeas personally executed him in the first hour after returning to the warcamp.[1] He was replaced by Brightlord Matal; Matal's wife, Brightlady Hashal, had a very low opinion of Lamaril and his performance running the bridge crews.[5]


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